Vans Kill the Line Trails Contest in Peynier, France


Bibi, Alex Dropsy and the other Peynier locals have partnered up with Vans to put on a really cool looking contest. Here’s the email we got from Alex. Make sure to click on the link for more info on the official website.


For those who didn’t hear about it we’re setting a BMX trail contest in Peynier. It’s gonna happen the 12 and 13 September in the south of France.
Contest is open to everyone. One category and 3000€ to win. Everything is gonna happen on the new line: Stone. Built last spring with the help of Markus Hampl.
A website as been set for that <> with daily news, pics, video from the trail and the locals.
That’ll be cool to put links and infos on yours websites if you can.
A big party will be on saturday night, 200 meters from the spot. So if you’re not interested in bmx you still can come for a drink.

Thanks a lot and I hope to see you soon in Peynier