George Bolter News

George Bolter sent over an update of what he’s been up to over the last couple weeks, we’ll let him tell you what’s been going down…

“For the past 2 weeks I’ve been down in Queenstown in the deep south of the South Island (of New Zealand) for the Red Bull Roast It and Farm Jam. Roast It was held at the Gorge Road dirt jump park which is an amazing set of jumps at a public jump park. The set up was a rider judged jam starting with 35 riders and having a final jam of 16 riders who were judged on best line, best trick and Biggest Roaster (best rider). I ended up tying with Brandon Dosch for best line doing an under-flip transfer from the shark-fin berm to a landing next to it (pictured above) and we split $1000.”

Check out a few more photos from the jam after the jump, everything looks so unreal!

How fucking crazy is this!? Not bad for a public dirt jump park.

George on the podium.

Casual flip.

Workin the rotisserie.

Not a bad view…I guess.