Chris Silva Borato V2 Bike Check

Chris Silva just built up a new bright red Borato V2. He’s always switching up his setup and trying something new, or re-visiting a previous style. He’s been on the pegless kick for again for a little while now, so we got some details of his bike and a few questions about his specific mods. Click below for a breakdown and more info.

Frame – MacNeil Borato V2 20.5″
Forks – MacNeil CKS
Bars – MacNeil XLT 8.25″
Stem – Animal
Headset – Animal
Front Wheel – MacNeil Primary
Rear Wheel – MacNeil Primary
Seat – MacNeil Fat Cap

You’ve run just about every bike setup from 4 pegs/no brakes, 4 pegs/rear brake, 2 pegs, 3 pegs, and most presently pegless. What made you go back to this sort of setup?

I first rode pegless (jewels) in 2006. I did a bunch of stuff I was really stoked on that year then things started to go bad so I layed off the pegless grinds for a long while.

Riding pegless has always felt the most natural to me but I also love to grind rails so I always knew I would go back to that setup when the time was right. I had been thinking about it for the past year and finally got around to getting Jake Montgomery to machine a few custom jewels based off the ones I used to run. Things have been going well so far.

Even with no pegs you do a lot of grinding. Explain these custom axle nuts you have on your bike.

They are based off these weird axle nuts called Jewels that Primo and Voxom used to make back in the 90’s. In 2006 I wanted to see if I could do a rail pegless and Patrick Krzyzanowski had some jewels sittign at home so I threw them on and did a couple rails that day. I was hooked. Jewels are basically a socket that threads onto your axle. More or less they are the same size as a 19mm axle nut but I’m sure the kids reading this haven’t seen one of those in years, haha.

Trimmed CKS fork dropouts.

What sort of modifications do you do to your bike?

Way too much. I seriously spend hours on my bike everytime I get a new one. From grinding down front and rear dropouts to make them flush with the jewels to making completely custom hub guards that will work for pegless grinds.

Primary rear wheel.

Fat Cap seat.

Do you think your setup will change again in the near future, or are the pegs off for good?

I can never say for sure. I do miss crooked grinds so much and you need pegs for that trick. We’ll just see what happens, cause I don’t even know.