Chris Silva’s NJ/NY Photo Journal

Last month Silva went down to New Jersey to spend some time with Jeff Kocsis. In the week he was down there they went on an Animal shop visit to Ohio, spent some time with Steven Hamilton, rode around in New York, hooked up with Harrison, went to the Joe Tiseo Jam, and more. He snapped photos throughout the whole trip and sent through a photo journal of his time there. Check out a ton of photos and his trip recap after the jump.

Me at the Toronto airport waiting to fly out.

Drove from NJ to Ohio and arrived at Hamilton’s house 9 hours later at 8am. Bike Doctor shop stop we did somewhere in Ohio. Shop was sick and we did a small “demo” with the local riders.

Rode Cincinati all day and got some good clips.

3am night sesh at the last spot in Cincinati.

Jeff ready to go home.

Last day in Ohio driving to the first spot.

Raining bank to tree that hamilton killed.

Back to NJ. Hit up Jeff’s shop.

Inside The Bike Shop.

Went to the Animal house where a few dudes live. Saw a 256 door.

Hit up the Animal warehouse to start the day off.

Upstairs is the Animal office and it’s crazy.

Photo booth.

Our ride into the city for the day.

Grove Street Bike Shop sidewalk art.

Shot from whatever that bridge is with the crazy long bike lane.

The bike lane.

The crew for the day. Harrison Boyce, Jeff, Scott Marceau.

Brooklyn Bridge.

On the train from NY back to Jeff’s house.

Tiseo Jam.

Tiseo’s bike.

Waiting at the NJ airport to go back home.