A Bike Fit For A King: Mike King Bike Check

Mike King just built up a new Loden V2 with the help of Seventies. He’s going to be heading to this side of the pond for a stay in Canada later in March, but for now check out what he’s riding to tide him over during the cold UK winter. Parts list below:

Frame: MacNeil Loden V2, 21″
Fork: MacNeil C.K.S.
Stem: MacNeil Top Shelf
Bars: MacNeil Tabanark, 8.75″
Post: MacNeil
Cranks: MacNeil 175mm Consplined
Front Wheel: MacNeil Dub rim
Rear Wheel: MacNeil Dub rim
Peg: MacNeil Fashionably Light
Mods: Bars cut down half inch each side, steerer tube cut down, yes I do run a brake and yes I am aware it is 2013, oh and a ‘rip n dip’ cat sticker on the downtube that reads ‘C.R.E.A.M. – cats rule everything around me’, cats are sweet…