Getting To Know: Adam Piatek

getting to know
Photo by Marc Boudreau.

Adam Piatek was one of the first guys we thought of when we wanted to start up our Young Guns flow team. He’s been shredding in the Vancouver area and turning heads for a little while now, but after his newest edit from last week (and his 5 clip edit from before) a lot more people have seen what he’s capable of. He’s young, modest, and pops off hard, so we thought we’d ask him a few questions as a chance for our readers to get to know him. Have a read and check out some photos after the jump.

You’ve been recently added to our flow team, and with a title like Young Guns you’re obviously not very old. I think Darcy (Saccucci) even once said that you’re so young that he could be your father. So just how young are you, and how long have you been riding BMX?

I just turned 16. I’ve been riding BMX for 5 years now.

Being so young, your influences to your riding might be different than that of a lot of the older guys on our team. Who are your favourite riders or influences in BMX?

My favourite riders or influences in BMX are Garrett Reynolds, Brandon Van Dulken, Dillon Lloyd, Dennis Enarson and Alex Donnachie.


I always see footage of you riding the Port Coquitlam skatepark. Is it safe to assume this is your favourite park, or do you just ride it out of a matter of distance/convenience? If not, what is your favourite park to ride?

PoCo park is about a 10 minute bike ride from my house and it’s hands down the best park in Vancouver. Perfect layout, a lot of really nice locals, and every feature for anyone to ride. I’m happy to say I’ve got my home park as my favourite park. Haha.

We just posted your newest edit last week. How long did you work on it and were you satisfied with the result? Is a lot of that a typical day at the skatepark for you, or do you go out with a certain trick or line in mind when filming?

My newest edit that I worked on with Pawel Podgorny was filmed all throughout the winter. This was my very first edit that I actually planned what to do for clips. Usually as someone gets out a camera I think of stuff on the spot. Luckily, having my friend Pawel filming, I would think of a line overnight and give him a heads up a day before we went out a rode (hoping for good weather). Getting clips like this felt incredibly good, and can’t be happier with the outcome of the edit.

You just came back from a trip to the States with your buddy. What sparked that trip, and what did you guys get up to down there?

Yeah, me and my good friend Nathan Hines just came back from Portland. The first week we rode a bunch of smooth concrete skateparks. Second week, we got to know a bunch more riders and they all showed us around town for more parks and street spots downtown. The riding atmosphere there was really cool. A lot of really friendly locals that were down to have a good shred.

Portland skatepark.

Favourite moments on your trip?

My favourite moment on the trip was seeing how stoked people got to just simply ride with us. Taking the train downtown to hit up street spots was also a big highlight. We got to do everything: bomb hills, cruise and ride quality spots that we saw in previous edits.

You just built up Kevin Kiraly’s signature Varsity frame. How does the new rig feel?

The new rig feels just as amazing as it looks. Super poppy and easy to handle. I do a lot of manuals and spins so the geo is perfect for me.

Adam’s new Varsity build.

Anything else you want to mention or let the people know?

Just stoked to be where I am and looking forward to the near future! Thanks to my parents, brother Dominik, and MacNeil for the opportunity to make this interview happen!

Keep your eye out for more from Adam, and the rest of our Young Guns crew, in the near future!