The Lost Roll – George Bolter’s California Photos

00 R.I.P. MacNeil Astrovan George Bolter sent over these photos from a roll of film he found that he had shot last year during his stay at the #MCNLBC house we had in Long Beach, California. Here's what he had to say: While on my trip over to the Long Beach house last year I shot a roll of film on my $20 Holga camera and totally forgot about it until last week! I found the roll while cleaning out my room and got it developed. Only a bit of the 24 photos came out. I'm a little bummed on that but still stoked since this reminds me of a rad 2 weeks on Cali! Check out more of his photos below after the jump, and you can re-watch all of the edits from our time in California last year too. 2 Crew chilling at OB park on a hot SD day. 3 San Diego from afar. 4 Footjam at a rad ditch spot in SD somewhere. 6 Traffic jam blur. 11 Sean Cooke and Dill checking footage somewhere in Riverside. 12 Unknown - nac nac seatgrab at Rick Lakens Thomas Hancock benefit trail jam. 15 605 ditch wallride. 17 16 Text book Cali beach on a chill day at Venice. 18 Santa Monica Pier.