George Bolter’s PA Stay


Nac-nac seat grab. Photo by Dan Closser.

Our dude George Bolter and his crew have been residing in Pennsylvania for the last bit taking advantage of trail season and shredding Posh and Catty Woods. Here’s what George had to say…

“We’re based in Bethlehem right now and will be for the whole 6 weeks of the trip. We’ve been riding Posh and also Catty daily, it’s been an absolute blast to be straight out of winter back home and to be at some of the best trail spots in the world.┬áThere’s 5 of us crammed into a 2 bed, 4 person room with all of our belongings and bikes. It’s pretty hectic to say the least but a great time!”

Check out George’s Loden V3 build and a few more pics after the jump.

Image 1

Tight quarters.


Cranked turndown, photo by Louis Bolter.


George’s Loden V3 built up with Connect cranks, Nylist pedals, Capital seat, Tabarnak bars, CKS forks and more.