Jeff Kocsis Word Association

Jeff-Berm-Blaster-1 Back in August Jeff visited BC for the first time, and his whole trip he was waiting to ride some historic Vancouver parks and snake runs, so on his last day we made it happen. He was quickly riding the place like he was a local and blasting tables and 270s all over the place. We thought we would get inside Jeff's head a bit more and did some word association with him. Check it out after the jump, along with some more photos shot by Zach Rampen. Bikes: BMX Travel: Forever Coffee: Dark New Jersey: Home Canada: My back up plan when US goes to shit Van: Homan. Of course. Book: 5 finger discount Street: > park Big: Big what Dew: Tour. Career high. Breaks: Love 'em Style: Means everything Future: Uncertain Music: Jazz Work: and play Flight: Death Concrete: Cement Dime: Fried egg burger with avocado Shaky: Loose moose with all the juice Manny Fresh: Toughest kid I know Jeff-Q-and-A Jeff-270 Jeff floating a 270 over a hip. Jeff-Table-Top Classic tabletop.