Chijioke Okafo – Welcome to the Team!


We’re real psyched to announce that one of our good friends and one helluva rider, Chijioke Okafo, is now part of the MacNeil crew! Chi has been a long-time friend of everyone in the company for years now and has been killing it forever. On top of that, Chi and Silva are a dynamic duo when it comes to filming and riding and he’s real tight with the rest of the team. Chijioke is also going to be the first ‘full-factory’ team rider and built up this new bright red Calico V2 kit to get rolling. Expect to see a lot more from Chi as the year progresses including a proper ‘welcome to the team’ and be sure to check out some more photos of his fresh new whip after the jump. Welcome to the family, bud!


Top Shelf stem clamped to some 8.75″ Tabarnak bars and an integrated headset.


Badged up. Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, as long as you’re FU.


Northern Embassy stickers on some CKS forks with a Network front hub, Network hub guards and a Dub rim.


Flyin’ the flag. Connect cranks set up with some Nylist pedals and a Light V3 sprocket.


Fat Capital seat and a Stump post.


Switch drive Network cassette and Network cassette guard laced to another Dub rim.