Jack Leonard’s New Borato V3

2014-02-25 20.11.38

Jack Leonard just put together a new raw Borato V3 and sent over some pics of it chillin’ in the London, Ontario snow. Hit the link to check out a few more shots of it with a parts list, that chrome fork on the raw kit is tight!

2014-02-25 20.11.55

Frame: Borato V3, 20.5″
Forks: CKS
Bars: Tabarnak, 8.75″
Stem: Top Shelf
Grips: Defgrips
Front Hub: Network w/straight axle
Rear Hub: Network switch drive cassette w/straight axle
Rims: Dubs
Sprocket: Lambo V2, 28T
Cranks: Connect
Pedals: Nylist
Seat: SL
Post: Stump
Pegs: Fashionably Light

2014-02-25 20.12.05