Jeff Kocsis’ Borato V3


Jeff Kocsis has been tripping around the Middle East for the last bit and between riding sessions, checking out pyramids, and cruising on camels, he sent over a few photos of his Borato V3¬†with prototype Diller forks he built up before leaving. Check out some more photos and a parts list after the jump and expect to see some rad stuff from Jeff’s trip real soon!


Frame: Borato v3, 20.5″
Fork: Diller prototype
Bars: Tabarnak
Sprocket: Animal
Wheels: Primary hubs w/Dub rims
Tires: Animal GLH rear and MTT front
Stem: Animal MR
Cranks: Animal
Pedals: Animal Hamilton
Grips: Animal Edwin
Pegs: Animal OG longs (when they’re on)


Jeff’s lovin’ the rusted out look of his prototype Diller forks.