Jeff Kocsis’ Borato V3

1 Jeff Kocsis has been tripping around the Middle East for the last bit and between riding sessions, checking out pyramids, and cruising on camels, he sent over a few photos of his Borato V3¬†with prototype Diller forks he built up before leaving. Check out some more photos and a parts list after the jump and expect to see some rad stuff from Jeff's trip real soon! 2 Frame: Borato v3, 20.5" Fork: Diller prototype Bars: Tabarnak Sprocket: Animal Wheels: Primary hubs w/Dub rims Tires: Animal GLH rear and MTT front Stem: Animal MR Cranks: Animal Pedals: Animal Hamilton Grips: Animal Edwin Pegs: Animal OG longs (when they're on) 3 Jeff's lovin' the rusted out look of his prototype Diller forks. 4 5 6