Welcome to the Team, Greg Henry!

IMG_9903 copy

We’re real stoked to announce that BMXFU OG and all around best dude ever, Greg Henry, is now a part of the team! Greg’s been a friend of everyone’s for a long time now and is a perfect fit with the rest of the team. He’s working on a full ‘Welcome to the Team’ edit right now but for the time being you can check out his team page here and a few shots of his freshly built Calico V2 after the jump. Thanks to Lee Dennis for all of the photos.



Frame: Calico V2
Fork: CKS
Bars: Tabarnak, 9″
Cranks: Connect
Pedals: Nylist
Hubs: Network front and rear
Hub Guards: Network
Rims: Dubs
Seat Post: Stump