Chijioke Okafo’s Fresh Calico V2

IMG_0755 Chijioke Okafo just built up a fresh Calico V2 and whipped up a sick custom paint job for it. Check out a couple more photos with a parts list after the jumpĀ and watch out for Chi's official 'Welcome to the Team' edit, dropping soon. Both him and Jack Leonard have been putting in some serious work on it and it's gonna hit hard. Stay tuned! IMG_0758 Frame: Calico V2 Fork: CKS Bars: Tabarnak, 8.75" Stem: Top Shelf Headset: Integrated Cranks: Connect Sprocket: Lambo, 28T Pedals: Nylist Hubs: Network Hub Guards: Network Rims: Dubs Seat: Fat Captial IMG_0759