Chris Silva’s NY/NJ Travel Diary

27 Chris Silva just got back from a solid trip down through the States with the Animal dudes and sent over a ton of photos for a little travel diary update. Check out a stack of pics and words from his travels after the jump and keep an eye open for some new Silva goodness soon! 1 Wating to board in Toronto. 2 Getting on the plane the fun way. 3 Picked up at the Newark, NJ airport on a rainy night. 4 Driving down to Johnson, Tennessee for a shop stop. 5 Weekend hotel. 6 Shop stop at Angry Penguin. 7 Front of the shop. 8 Parking lot jam. 9 Autograph session. 10 At Hooters for dinner. Worst meal and beer of the trip. 11 Night out. 12 This bar was like a carnival inside. Most random people from old to young, tall to small. Weirdest scene ever. 13 Packin' up. 14 Van life. 15 Finally made it to Clifton. 16

Jeff's place in Wayne, NJ with a funny RedBull sign when you walk in.

17 Message in a bottle. 18 Lunch at Jeff's friend's house and some magic beer. 19 Mike's backyard ramp. 20 Animal warehouse. 21 DIY spot. 22 Inside The Bike Shop. Clifton, NJ. 23 The Bike Shop. 24 Joe Tiseo bank. Had to get him back on the bank barspinning. RIP. 25 Walk through Central Park, getting some tourist stuff done for a day. 26 Seinfeld diner. 27 Inside the Seinfeld diner...nothing like the show. 28 Taking a taxi back through Manhattan. 29 Times Square is crazy as hell. 30 Pool session. This was the riding highlight of my trip. 31 Old warehouse with some crazy shit to ride inside. 32 Street session in Brooklyn. 33 Castle on the side of a cliff. 34 View of the city from the top of the cliff.