Jeff Kocsis’ V3 Borato


Jeff Kocsis got back from a trip to Japan with Animal recently and just built up a new Borato V3 with a set of Blazer forks, Tabarnak bars, and Dubs rims. He’s also been doing some indoor shredding now that the snow and cold is blowing through Jersey. Check out some more photos of his bike and another riding photo after the jump and be sure to check out the photo galleries from the Animal in Japan tour for more Jeff action here.


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Antoine Nau Varsity Bike Check


Antoine Nau recently built up a new Varsity frame and MacNeil kit, courtesy of the guys at Unleaded BMX in France. They sent us a few photos of his très bien new bike that you can check out after the jump. If you are in Europe and looking for MacNeil products this holiday season, don’t forget some of the Christmas deals they have going on.

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Chris Silva – Animal Bike Check


Chris Silva has a new bike check up on the Animal site right now with his Borato V3. Not much has changed since the last one we did with him in the summer, but go give it a look here and take a close look at his prototype axle nuts. You can re-watch the video bike check we did with him in September here too.


Chris Silva Video Bike Check

Chris Silva is a man of few words, and very particular about what he runs on his bike. While he was out in Vancouver we forced him to run through his bike in between filming some clips. Take a quick run through his Borato V3 with a few prototype pieces, and catch some riding and pegless rail action.
Filmed and edited by Zach Rampen.

Sergey Gal Varsity Bike Check

Our international rider Sergey Gal recently built up a new Varsity bike and put together this video bike check for If you can’t understand the Ukrainian language, worry not because there are a lot of great riding clips in this worth watching. Thanks to Kings Bikes and Veloplaneta.

Sam Lowe Bike Check On RideBMX


Same Lowe has a bike check over on RideBMX right now with his Borato V3. The photos were shot earlier in the spring on our Mexico trip, but Sam knows what he likes to ride and you won’t see too much change on his bike over time. Make sure you read the answers to his questions and you’ll get the scoop on a product are working on with him, and an embarrassing Darcy story too. You can find the bike check here.

Dillon Lloyd ‘Diller’ Frame Sneak Peek


While Dill was in Toronto last week before leaving on a tour with our Canadian distro, Ten Pack, to Ottawa and Montreal, we got a chance to take a few photos of his prototype ‘Diller’ frame that he just recently built up. We’ll be dropping more info on the frame in the next few months but we can tell you that it will be available in this dope trans red colour that Dill is currently running. Check out some more detail photos after the jump and keep checking in to see when you can get your hands on a Diller frame!

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Greg Flag Bike Check

Greg Flag has a couple adult beverages, takes you on a tour of his Borato V3 build with Connect cranks, and Network wheels, then proceeds to get down on some spots in the Vancouver, BC area. For anyone who has never had the opportunity to experience Greg’s weird sense of humour, this is a pretty good introduction.

Dillon LLoyd Bike Check @ Kapok Shop – Hong Kong


While Dill was in Hong Kong for the Kings of Kong Tour with Éclat last month, he paid a visit to our friends at Kapok Shop. They just posted a bike check they did with him, and if you looks closely you might be able to spy a few prototype pieces on his Borato V3. Check out the full bike check here, and if you’re in China, hit up Kapok Shop for all the best gear in the game.

Jeff Kocsis – Whip


Animal have a close look at Jeff’s newest bike, a Varsity frame loaded with Animal parts. Get a look at it with more photos here.

Chris Silva’s Borato V3 Bike Check @ BMX Union


Chris Silva recently built up a whole new bike, starting with a Borato V3 frame. If you know Chris then you know that he’s very particular of what he rides. BMX Union has an in depth look at his new bike, and he answers some questions about what he’s been up to and filming for our new DVD, that he’s been hard at work on already. You can check out the full feature here.

Young Guns: Justin Hughes’ Borato V3 Build


We’ve been flowing stuff to Dillon’s young protégé Justin Hughes for a little while now, and with all the new parts coming in he freshened up his ride. Here’s a photo of his bright new Borato V3 frame with CKS forks, Tabarnak bars, Top Shelf stem, Fat Cap seat, and all the other MacNeil bells and whistles. Look for a Young Guns edit of Justin to drop soon…

Jeff Kocsis Bike Check on RideBMX


Jeff has a bike check up on the RideBMX site right now. He’s been traveling all over the US lately, so check out his road tested Borato frame loaded with a mix of MacNeil and Animal parts right here.

Greg Flag’s Borato V3

Greg Flag just sent some photos over of his prototype Borato V3 build complete with a few other prototype goodies. Get the low down on the new Borato V3 frame and check out the rest of the photos after the jump. All of our new 2013 goods will be available worldwide in the next couple months, so watch out!

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