With Love From Greece


Our dude John Manaras sent over these photos of a couple of the local riders’ MacNeil builds. Stoked on all that Greek love!


Rob Parsons’ Deuce


photo[3]Local Coquitlam killer Rob Parsons was spotted shredding the freshly repaired Lafarge skatepark on his bright ass Deuce.

Trevor Smith’s Deuce



Trevor has been busting his ass building concrete parks in Alberta all summer and when he gets some time off he likes to enjoy the fruits of his labor by testing out the fresh concrete on this custom Deuce that he picked up Calgary’s BMX Gallery 4130.

Simon Barry’s Varcity



Old timer, Simon Barry went to Wheelies BMX to get himself a birthday present because nobody loves him because he’s a salty bastard.

Jason Herman’s Diller Build


Jason Herman from 514 BMX in Montreal is a good friend of Dillon’s and a long-time supporter of the brand and Dill wanted to hook him up with one of his prototype Diller frames in translucent red. He sent over a few photos of it built up with a set of Blazer forks, Connect cranks, 28T Light sprocket, Primary hubs, and one of our collab seats with Northern Embassy. Check out some more pics below and watch out for Dill’s frame, fork and bars to be dropping real soon!



Alex Etheridge’s Borato V1


Alex Etheridge sent us this photo of his Borato V1 frame that’s still going strong built up with Blazer forks.

Colton’s Varsity Build


Colton from Edmonton, Alberta sent through this pic of his freshly built Varsity frame in mint green that he picked up from Transition BMX.

Greg Pearson’s Borato V2


Greg Pearson from the UK sent in some photos of his Borato V2 with a real dope custom sparkle paint job. This thing looks so rad and I can only imagine what it looks like to see it in person. Thanks Greg!





Tyler Tkachyk’s Updated Calico


Tyler Tkachyk has been a devout MacNeil fan for a while and just gave his Calico frame a fresh paint job and. Check out a few more pics after the jump!

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Francisco Reyes’ Bibi


Francisco Reyes sent in a few photos of his Bibi frame complete with a wild ass custom paint job. Thanks, Francisco!



Tristan’s Borato


Check this clean looking Borato build from Tristan L.

Hariman Delarosa’s Whitton


Check out Hariman Delarosa’s raw Whitton he sent through.

Sonny Navaro’s Bibi


Sonny Navaro sent in this photo of MacNeil Bibi. Definition of mid-school right here.

Terry Carson’s Calico V2


Terry Carson, proprietor of Wheelies BMX Shop, sent in a photo of his new Calico V2 with CKS forks, Tabarnak bars, Top Notch V2 stem, Network wheels, and a lot more. Proof that even an old guy can ride a new school setup.