Julien Silvestre’s Varsity


Julien sent over this awesome black fade Varsity build.

Benjamin Bertrand’s Loden V2



Theo sent his friend Benjamin Bertrand’s Loden V2 with CKS forks, Top Notch stem, Tabarnak bars, Fat Cap seat, Conjoined cranks, and more. The black and raw combo is banging!

Theo Prako’s Varsity



Theo Prako from France sent over his awesome mint Varsity build that he got from Unleaded. What a beauty!

Charlie Giovo’s Varsity


Charlie Giovo from Baldwinsville, NY sent in this awesome purple Varsity build. The frame is loaded with MacNeil parts with a Blazer fork, Tabarnak bars, Connect cranks, Stump Pivotal post, Capital Pivotal seat, and more.

Douglas Gowin’s Varsity


Douglas Gowin sent through this pic of his brand new black Varsity all built up and ready to roll.


Alan Chan’s Loden V2

919297_10201325888533765_2003456225_o (1)

Alan Chan from Hong Kong sent over this shot of his 20″ Loden V2 frame built up with Blazer forks and XLT bars. Thanks for the support, Alan!


Yohan Seifert’s Loden V2



Yohan Seifert sent in a couple photos of his MacNeil machine. Check out his blacked out Loden V2, CKS forks, MacNeil wheels, Fashionably Light pegs and more.

Joe Gorman’s Calico


Joe Gorman sent in his silver painted Calico build from the UK.

Kurtán Kristóf’s Young Build


Kurtán Kristóf from Hungary sent through this photo of his Gary Young frame with a custom raw job done up.

Sebastian Ciurca’s Whitton


Sebastian Ciurca sent in his 2009 Whitton frame build from Argentina.

Paul Planiden’s Custom Young


This is a serious throwback and it’s so good. Paul Planiden sent over this photo of his custom painted Gary Young frame from 2007 that he has built up as a tribute to the old Raleigh Tuff Burner he used to have back in the early 80s. Anyone born in the 90s has no idea what any of those words mean.


Hunter Nitsch’s Borato


Hunter Nitsch sent over a pic of his custom pained Borato complete with Conjoined cranks and CKS forks.

Jorge Rodriguez’s Borato


Jorge Rodriguez sent over this snap of his Borato frame built up with some CKS forks and a V1 Top Notch stem.


Vincent Guitard’s Calico


Vincent Guitard sent over this photo of his freshly built raw Calico frame. Lookin’ good!