Shawn Franz Welcome to the Team Edit

Song: Big Brother – David Bowie
Filmed and Edited by Colin Theissen

Putting Shawn Franz on our team was an obvious choice for us. Watch this welcome edit and you’ll see why. Incredible pop coupled with serious skills make him a great all around shredder. Welcome to the team Shawn, we’re proud to have you as part of our crew.

Chijioke Top 5 Tracks

Matt Barnes photo

We asked our boy Chijioke for his Top 5 Tracks. Check them out after the jump.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper Download


Dress up that desktop of yours with a wallpaper we put together featuring a photo shot by our own Jack Leonard. There’s several different sizes to choose from so grab whatever suits your display the best and enjoy!

1280 x 800

1440 x 900

1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080

2560 x 1440

Catching Up With: Chris Silva


Chris Silva has a compulsion to document. If he’s not filming for our upcoming DVD he’ll be filming for another project. If not another project, he’ll be stacking clips for something in the future or just for himself. Every time he comes back from a trip he’ll send over a photo journal of stuff that he shot on his phone while he’s out enjoying himself. With suitable riding weather starting to come to a close in eastern Canada we caught up with Silva to talk about this past year, traveling, DVDs, web edits, cameras, his riding and the desire to document. Click below to read our interview with him.

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Jeff Kocsis Word Association


Back in August Jeff visited BC for the first time, and his whole trip he was waiting to ride some historic Vancouver parks and snake runs, so on his last day we made it happen. He was quickly riding the place like he was a local and blasting tables and 270s all over the place. We thought we would get inside Jeff’s head a bit more and did some word association with him. Check it out after the jump, along with some more photos shot by Zach Rampen.

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Chris Silva’s Vancouver Photo Journal

ubc sesh

Chris Silva was out on the west coast in and around Vancouver for just under a month. Wherever Chris goes, his camera phone goes too, and you know he’ll be taking photos the entire time. Check out another instalment of his photo journal after the jump.

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Vancouver Island Getaway: Video + Photo Gallery

In the middle of June, Sam Lowe, Taylor Elvy and Greg Flag all hopped on a ferry to Vancouver Island, BC and spent a week exploring what the area had to offer. What they found were welcoming and generous locals, great parks, camp sites, and a seemingly endless supply of spots. We had an amazing time on the Island, and ended up filming more than we could have hoped for. We put together this video of the trip, filmed and edited by Zach Rampen, and a gallery of photos shot by Brad Hill, that you can check out by clicking the photo below. Thanks to One Six Bike Shop and all the locals on the Island that helped make our trip such a great time. We’ll be back soon enough.

island getaway

The Lost Roll – George Bolter’s California Photos

R.I.P. MacNeil Astrovan

George Bolter sent over these photos from a roll of film he found that he had shot last year during his stay at the #MCNLBC house we had in Long Beach, California. Here’s what he had to say:

While on my trip over to the Long Beach house last year I shot a roll of film on my $20 Holga camera and totally forgot about it until last week! I found the roll while cleaning out my room and got it developed. Only a bit of the 24 photos came out. I’m a little bummed on that but still stoked since this reminds me of a rad 2 weeks on Cali!

Check out more of his photos below after the jump, and you can re-watch all of the edits from our time in California last year too.

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Jeff Kocsis Spring 2013 Edit

Ride BMX got the exclusive on this video last week, and now we’ve opened up the embedding to everyone. We will announce the winners of the contest soon, but for now check out the video again (or for the first time if you haven’t watched it), and feel free to share it everywhere.
Filmed by Wade Young and friends.
Edited by Jeff Kocsis.

Ride BMX Exclusive Jeff Kocsis Edit + Giveaway!


Head over to RIDEBMX.COM to watch our newest edit of Jeff Kocsis that they have the exclusive on. While you’re there, answer our one simple questions to win 1 of 2 the prize backs below. Don’t waste any time and check it out on their site right here.

“What vegetable would Jeff never get on a pizza? Dig around the MacNeil site to find the answer and leave a comment below with the answer. Two winners will be chosen at random to win a prize pack filled with some MacNeil goodness. USA and Canada only, sorry foreign friends!”


Getting To Know: Adam Piatek

getting to know
Photo by Marc Boudreau.

Adam Piatek was one of the first guys we thought of when we wanted to start up our Young Guns flow team. He’s been shredding in the Vancouver area and turning heads for a little while now, but after his newest edit from last week (and his 5 clip edit from before) a lot more people have seen what he’s capable of. He’s young, modest, and pops off hard, so we thought we’d ask him a few questions as a chance for our readers to get to know him. Have a read and check out some photos after the jump.

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Chris Silva’s Austin Photo Journal

Silva just came back from a short trip down to Austin, Texas. After a near baggage mix up, he made it down to hang and film with Charlie Crumlish. Chris is always shooting photos of what’s going on with his phone, so just like last time, he sent over a photo journal of his time down south. Check out more from his trip after the jump.

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Dillon Lloyd Favourite Five Youtube Videos

Whenever I see Dillon and there’s a computer around he wants to show you something on Youtube. It’s either a car video, a low budget rap video, funny pet videos, or some other nonsense. All his hours on Youtube have even given him songs for video parts. Sound familiar?. I wanted to get in to the mind of Dillon Lloyd and finally twisted his arm to send me his current five favourite Youtube videos. Check out his selection after the jump.

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Buck 65 – Bicycle Song

Back in 2004 when we released our first team video, many people may not have noticed that the song that ran throughout the end credits was actually an original track created for us by our friend Buck 65. For those not familiar, Buck 65 is a Canadian hip hop artist with strong influences of blues, rock, country, and folk, and a popular weekday radio host with the CBC. He has won several Juno awards, and even hosted them in 2006 alongside Pamela Anderson. In addition to his musical career, he has been a life long BMX rider. Close observers may even recognize subtle bike references in lyrics from his earlier songs. We recently dug up the song that Buck wrote and recorded for us so many years ago, and have it available as a free download. Right click, save, and enjoy! You can also check out some more music after the jump.

Buck 65 – Bicycle Song

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