Chijioke Top 5 Tracks

chijioke Matt Barnes photo We asked our boy Chijioke for his Top 5 Tracks. Check them out after the jump. All Shall Perish - "There is nothing left" Mura Masa - "Lovesick fuck" Twinztrack - "Purple heart remix" Coheed and Cambria - "The willing well III" Khryo - "Fctr"

Free Desktop Wallpaper Download

1280x800 Dress up that desktop of yours with a wallpaper we put together featuring a photo shot by our own Jack Leonard. There's several different sizes to choose from so grab whatever suits your display the best and enjoy! 1280 x 800 1440 x 900 1680 x 1050 1920 x 1080 2560 x 1440

Catching Up With: Chris Silva

silva-portrait-title Chris Silva has a compulsion to document. If he's not filming for our upcoming DVD he'll be filming for another project. If not another project, he'll be stacking clips for something in the future or just for himself. Every time he comes back from a trip he'll send over a photo journal of stuff that he shot on his phone while he's out enjoying himself. With suitable riding weather starting to come to a close in eastern Canada we caught up with Silva to talk about this past year, traveling, DVDs, web edits, cameras, his riding and the desire to document. Click below to read our interview with him. You've had a pretty busy year. You've been traveling and filming pretty much since the snow melted in Ontario. Where have you gone in the last year? Yeah, it's been a good year for sure with a lot of action and some traveling. At the start of the year I finally made my way down to Austin, Texas for a couple of weeks and stayed with Charlie Crumlish, spent some time in Windsor, Ontario with Chase Davidson, day trip to Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Montreal, Vancouver and also finally got myself over to Vancouver Island. I think that's about it. You're always filming. I often joke about your vault of footage that you're always stacking your clips in to, but that's pretty much true. How are you feeling about how your DVD part is coming together? I've been filming and sitting on clips for the past two years, no real goal in sight but earlier this year MacNeil suggested the idea of a team DVD. I was pretty stoked because I already had a years worth of clips in the bag. 95% of my MacNeil part was filmed this year, when hearing about the DVD I went straight to work on filming for it. I'm really happy with everything I've filmed. I pretty much had my part all finished around September. There's always more you want to do but sometimes it's best to not get greedy and stay level headed. I did a lot of dream tricks I had thought about back in 2006 when I was first pegless but didn't have the skill or proper setups to do back then, I'm really glad I got to turn those ideas into reality for this project. pedal ice Pedal icepick filming for the MacNeil DVD. Photo by Harley Haskett. Animal just dropped a web edit of you, and you've talked about a new ICC (Inner City Circle) DVD. How far along is that project? Can people expect it soon? And for those that don't know, explain what the ICC is... The Animal edit turned out sick, I've never had an edit to that kind of music but it worked well and people liked it. The ICC DVD is happening, everyone in the crew is stoked, it's been about 3 years since out last DVD, this will be our 5th DVD in the 10 years that we have been a crew. ICC is Inner City Circle, long story short we're just a bunch of riders that met 10 years ago with the idea to make a Toronto indoor skatepark (called the Inner City Circle). We did just that, shut the park down and everyone stayed really tight friends. We all rode street and continued to ride together and call ourselves by the name of the skatepark we created and that turned into the name of our crew. ICC owns the city, haha. You just got a new camera setup too. Gone are the days of your cell phone footage. What made you want to finally dive in to a DSLR camera? A friend of mine was selling one for dirt cheap, I hate lugging around a camera cause I did it for so many years filming the ICC DVD's but I couldn't resist buying my friends Nikon. It was cheap, I bought a bunch of other stuff for it online for next to nothing as well. It's just good to have a camera handy incase nobody is around so I don't have to film on my cell phone. My whole ICC section is all cell phone clips so that's where all my phone clips are getting used. c82ad3d63fde11e39b4022000a9f3c65_8 Sign tap. Photo by @trentgbarker. Documenting your riding for specific time periods is key. A year and a half ago, after you stayed at the house we rented in Long Beach, CA you put out an edit that I feel turned a lot of heads. For a lot people I think that may have marked the first time they had seen such a serious web edit from you, and especially for your current wave of pegless riding. Do you see that edit and time period as pivotal to where you've taken pegless tricks lately? For sure. I always try to film projects in time periods as to how I'm riding. I rode pegless and tried to progress pegless grinding during 2006 and a bit of 2007. I haden't been pegless or tried a pegless grind since then. At the start of 2012 Ben Lewis had an interview in Dig Magazine and mentioned something about me not getting the attention I deserved for doing all that pegless stuff back then. Reading that I got really motivated to get back on it, it seems like the right time. Jake Montgomery machined me a set of jewels a week before the Cali trip and I went to a rail and bombed down it a couple times to reassure myself it was a good idea to get back into it. All the clips in the Cali edit were all tricks I hadn't done since 2006. I couldn't believe the everything was working out and I hadn't lost it. It was a huge turning point for me and I knew I was back where I should be and where I left off so many years ago, I just had to make up for a lot of lost time. Recently Youtube removed the audio from that video and Vimeo took the entire thing down due to copyright infringement. Obviously that's a bummer because so many people had seen the original edit, but Zach Rampen (MacNeil filmer and editor) is working on a re-edit/remix of that footage to put it back out there (expect that to drop soon). The original video was edited by you. Do you find you typically like to control how your riding is viewed and perceived, and how do you think Zach's interpretation will/would differ? I was so bummed to see it gone. It had like half a million views, haha, but honestly it was for sure the edit I was most proud of and the song Get Back by the Beatles had a lot of meaning in the lyrics "get back to where you once belonged". I always say I like to view riding, filming and editing as a musician; a real musician writes and preforms his own songs. They have control over how their song sounds in the end. It seems a lot of people these days think it's weird to edit your own clips, but I just think it's how it should be. Why pour your heart and soul into something then just have another person portray it to the world in their vision and not yours. But meeting and getting to know Zach has been such a good thing. He understands my point of view (even though I'm so insanely particular about things) and works with my ideas and adds his own twist to it. He honestly edits stuff way better than I ever could so it's great to have someone like him on board for the MacNeil DVD cause I know he cares about the riders input first and foremost then he just spices things up with his incredible editing skills. The weather is already getting colder, and daylight hours are getting shorter. What are your plans for the winter? I know you came by the office the other day and said you needed a new stem for your snow-bike. Do you plan on spending more time on that? Yeah, ICC establisher Dave Stewart has a snow bike company called Drifter Snow Bikes, I'll be riding for them this winter to keep myself active. I'm pretty stoked on it, I made my own last winter and it was really fun. Besides that, I'm at the start of trying to find a job and/or career. I'm not getting younger and I need to start working on life, haha.

Jeff Kocsis Word Association

Jeff-Berm-Blaster-1 Back in August Jeff visited BC for the first time, and his whole trip he was waiting to ride some historic Vancouver parks and snake runs, so on his last day we made it happen. He was quickly riding the place like he was a local and blasting tables and 270s all over the place. We thought we would get inside Jeff's head a bit more and did some word association with him. Check it out after the jump, along with some more photos shot by Zach Rampen. Bikes: BMX Travel: Forever Coffee: Dark New Jersey: Home Canada: My back up plan when US goes to shit Van: Homan. Of course. Book: 5 finger discount Street: > park Big: Big what Dew: Tour. Career high. Breaks: Love 'em Style: Means everything Future: Uncertain Music: Jazz Work: and play Flight: Death Concrete: Cement Dime: Fried egg burger with avocado Shaky: Loose moose with all the juice Manny Fresh: Toughest kid I know Jeff-Q-and-A Jeff-270 Jeff floating a 270 over a hip. Jeff-Table-Top Classic tabletop.

Chris Silva’s Vancouver Photo Journal

ubc sesh Chris Silva was out on the west coast in and around Vancouver for just under a month. Wherever Chris goes, his camera phone goes too, and you know he'll be taking photos the entire time. Check out another instalment of his photo journal after the jump. Toronto to Vancouver here I go. Toronto to Vancouver here I go. barriar sesh Barrier session. bridges scare me. Bridges scare me. waited over 10 years to see this place Waited over 10 years to see this place. didnt even ride it... haha Didn't even ride it. lynn donkey kong bridge Lynn Canyon Donkey Kong bridge. lynn day 2 waterfalls close Waterfall. lynn canyon3 Nature boys at Lynn Canyon. most tourist shot of the trip. Paul Buchannan BB grind rail from T1 dvd The most tourist shot of the trip. Paul Buchanan bottom bracket grind rail from the Terrible One DVD. west coast bobby West coast Bobby. chij showed up to ruin the trip Chijioke Okafo showed up to ruin the trip. ryan senechal Hanging with Ryan Senechal on Vancouver Island. bank school on the island Bank school on the Island. ferry back to Van fish Ferry ride back to Vancouver. saw this in 2008, waited 5 years to hit it and found out it was capped a week before i showed up, fuck! Saw this in 2008, waited five years to hit it and found out it was capped a week before I showed up. Fuck! can lady Can lady. bmx house 2 Video games in the BMX house. snakerun day Snake run day. flat rail school rained out crew Flat rail school rained out crew. Jeff and matt Jeff Evans and Matt Desson. on top of the tenpack empire On top of the Ten Pack empire. Tenpack warehouse couch moving nonsense Moving couches. zach on the clock Filmer Zach Rampen on the clock. last day, tenpack for the goodbyes Last day. Ten Pack for the goodbyes. plane back to toronto Plane back to Toronto.

Vancouver Island Getaway: Video + Photo Gallery

In the middle of June, Sam Lowe, Taylor Elvy and Greg Flag all hopped on a ferry to Vancouver Island, BC and spent a week exploring what the area had to offer. What they found were welcoming and generous locals, great parks, camp sites, and a seemingly endless supply of spots. We had an amazing time on the Island, and ended up filming more than we could have hoped for. We put together this video of the trip, filmed and edited by Zach Rampen, and a gallery of photos shot by Brad Hill, that you can check out by clicking the photo below. Thanks to One Six Bike Shop and all the locals on the Island that helped make our trip such a great time. We'll be back soon enough. island getaway

The Lost Roll – George Bolter’s California Photos

00 R.I.P. MacNeil Astrovan George Bolter sent over these photos from a roll of film he found that he had shot last year during his stay at the #MCNLBC house we had in Long Beach, California. Here's what he had to say: While on my trip over to the Long Beach house last year I shot a roll of film on my $20 Holga camera and totally forgot about it until last week! I found the roll while cleaning out my room and got it developed. Only a bit of the 24 photos came out. I'm a little bummed on that but still stoked since this reminds me of a rad 2 weeks on Cali! Check out more of his photos below after the jump, and you can re-watch all of the edits from our time in California last year too. 2 Crew chilling at OB park on a hot SD day. 3 San Diego from afar. 4 Footjam at a rad ditch spot in SD somewhere. 6 Traffic jam blur. 11 Sean Cooke and Dill checking footage somewhere in Riverside. 12 Unknown - nac nac seatgrab at Rick Lakens Thomas Hancock benefit trail jam. 15 605 ditch wallride. 17 16 Text book Cali beach on a chill day at Venice. 18 Santa Monica Pier.

Jeff Kocsis Spring 2013 Edit

Ride BMX got the exclusive on this video last week, and now we've opened up the embedding to everyone. We will announce the winners of the contest soon, but for now check out the video again (or for the first time if you haven't watched it), and feel free to share it everywhere. Filmed by Wade Young and friends. Edited by Jeff Kocsis.

Ride BMX Exclusive Jeff Kocsis Edit + Giveaway!

ride Head over to RIDEBMX.COM to watch our newest edit of Jeff Kocsis that they have the exclusive on. While you're there, answer our one simple questions to win 1 of 2 the prize backs below. Don't waste any time and check it out on their site right here. “What vegetable would Jeff never get on a pizza? Dig around the MacNeil site to find the answer and leave a comment below with the answer. Two winners will be chosen at random to win a prize pack filled with some MacNeil goodness. USA and Canada only, sorry foreign friends!” macneil_prize_packaoishdfaosidh

Getting To Know: Adam Piatek

getting to know Photo by Marc Boudreau. Adam Piatek was one of the first guys we thought of when we wanted to start up our Young Guns flow team. He's been shredding in the Vancouver area and turning heads for a little while now, but after his newest edit from last week (and his 5 clip edit from before) a lot more people have seen what he's capable of. He's young, modest, and pops off hard, so we thought we'd ask him a few questions as a chance for our readers to get to know him. Have a read and check out some photos after the jump. You've been recently added to our flow team, and with a title like Young Guns you're obviously not very old. I think Darcy (Saccucci) even once said that you're so young that he could be your father. So just how young are you, and how long have you been riding BMX? I just turned 16. I've been riding BMX for 5 years now. Being so young, your influences to your riding might be different than that of a lot of the older guys on our team. Who are your favourite riders or influences in BMX? My favourite riders or influences in BMX are Garrett Reynolds, Brandon Van Dulken, Dillon Lloyd, Dennis Enarson and Alex Donnachie. IMG_1437 I always see footage of you riding the Port Coquitlam skatepark. Is it safe to assume this is your favourite park, or do you just ride it out of a matter of distance/convenience? If not, what is your favourite park to ride? PoCo park is about a 10 minute bike ride from my house and it's hands down the best park in Vancouver. Perfect layout, a lot of really nice locals, and every feature for anyone to ride. I'm happy to say I've got my home park as my favourite park. Haha. We just posted your newest edit last week. How long did you work on it and were you satisfied with the result? Is a lot of that a typical day at the skatepark for you, or do you go out with a certain trick or line in mind when filming? My newest edit that I worked on with Pawel Podgorny was filmed all throughout the winter. This was my very first edit that I actually planned what to do for clips. Usually as someone gets out a camera I think of stuff on the spot. Luckily, having my friend Pawel filming, I would think of a line overnight and give him a heads up a day before we went out a rode (hoping for good weather). Getting clips like this felt incredibly good, and can't be happier with the outcome of the edit. You just came back from a trip to the States with your buddy. What sparked that trip, and what did you guys get up to down there? Yeah, me and my good friend Nathan Hines just came back from Portland. The first week we rode a bunch of smooth concrete skateparks. Second week, we got to know a bunch more riders and they all showed us around town for more parks and street spots downtown. The riding atmosphere there was really cool. A lot of really friendly locals that were down to have a good shred. IMG_1484 Portland skatepark. Favourite moments on your trip? My favourite moment on the trip was seeing how stoked people got to just simply ride with us. Taking the train downtown to hit up street spots was also a big highlight. We got to do everything: bomb hills, cruise and ride quality spots that we saw in previous edits. You just built up Kevin Kiraly's signature Varsity frame. How does the new rig feel? The new rig feels just as amazing as it looks. Super poppy and easy to handle. I do a lot of manuals and spins so the geo is perfect for me. Adam's_Varsity Adam's new Varsity build. Anything else you want to mention or let the people know? Just stoked to be where I am and looking forward to the near future! Thanks to my parents, brother Dominik, and MacNeil for the opportunity to make this interview happen! Keep your eye out for more from Adam, and the rest of our Young Guns crew, in the near future!

Chris Silva’s Austin Photo Journal

Silva just came back from a short trip down to Austin, Texas. After a near baggage mix up, he made it down to hang and film with Charlie Crumlish. Chris is always shooting photos of what's going on with his phone, so just like last time, he sent over a photo journal of his time down south. Check out more from his trip after the jump. Departing. Transferring. Ditches upon ditches in Texas. Prime wall spots. Art. Fellow traveler Dan Cauchi, and host Charlie Crumlish starting off the day. New ditch, day one. 9th street trails. Tagging spots. DIY alley. Preparing for ditch day two. Return of the ditch. Silva leaving his mark.

Dillon Lloyd Favourite Five Youtube Videos

Whenever I see Dillon and there's a computer around he wants to show you something on Youtube. It's either a car video, a low budget rap video, funny pet videos, or some other nonsense. All his hours on Youtube have even given him songs for video parts. Sound familiar?. I wanted to get in to the mind of Dillon Lloyd and finally twisted his arm to send me his current five favourite Youtube videos. Check out his selection after the jump. 5. Ultimate Dog Tease 4. Dodge SRT 10 Burnout Fail 3. Crazy Lip Skid Mini Bike Jump 2. Rednecks Mess With Wrong Bull 1. I Be Trappin'

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Found on Facebook – Chris Smith

n603195577_5905090_1350 Since nobody ever seems to know where Chris Smith we thought we'd check out his Facebook to see if we could find any clues as to what he's been up to.  All we found was a shit ton of interesting photos. n603195577_3622887_387 n603195577_2620435_1677 n603195577_1531980_5112 n603195577_1531228_1867 n603195577_1531077_5340 n603195577_1530996_1911 n603195577_1530975_377 n603195577_1431486_5197 n603195577_1360502_4410 n603195577_1360474_4613 n603195577_1109953_6472 n510158969_1225242_4062 n510158969_180554_1517n510158969_63533_1407n510158969_63530_129 n21000646_30053907_3133 18158_443640085577_603195577_10784236_3103033_n 14244_319828270577_603195577_9486356_3581179_n 10531_307119690577_603195577_9299087_26039_n 8534_289916865577_603195577_9052382_3138803_n8534_281732965577_603195577_8903579_6718373_n 8534_278662240577_603195577_8849540_8201260_n 4669_211659170577_603195577_7202634_3185071_n 4669_205874780577_603195577_7063308_884652_n