Dillon Lloyd Favourite Five Youtube Videos

Whenever I see Dillon and there’s a computer around he wants to show you something on Youtube. It’s either a car video, a low budget rap video, funny pet videos, or some other nonsense. All his hours on Youtube have even given him songs for video parts. Sound familiar?. I wanted to get in to the mind of Dillon Lloyd and finally twisted his arm to send me his current five favourite Youtube videos. Check out his selection after the jump.

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Buck 65 – Bicycle Song

Back in 2004 when we released our first team video, many people may not have noticed that the song that ran throughout the end credits was actually an original track created for us by our friend Buck 65. For those not familiar, Buck 65 is a Canadian hip hop artist with strong influences of blues, rock, country, and folk, and a popular weekday radio host with the CBC. He has won several Juno awards, and even hosted them in 2006 alongside Pamela Anderson. In addition to his musical career, he has been a life long BMX rider. Close observers may even recognize subtle bike references in lyrics from his earlier songs. We recently dug up the song that Buck wrote and recorded for us so many years ago, and have it available as a free download. Right click, save, and enjoy! You can also check out some more music after the jump.

Buck 65 – Bicycle Song

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Found on Facebook – Chris Smith


Since nobody ever seems to know where Chris Smith we thought we’d check out his Facebook to see if we could find any clues as to what he’s been up to.  All we found was a shit ton of interesting photos.






















10 Essentials with Dillon Lloyd


If you haven’t checked out Dillon Lloyd’s video below, you need to… We were so impressed we needed to find out more and figure out what the deal is with all this protein talk… Below are Dillon’s… aka Dirty Dill, aka Young Pimp’s 10 essentials and even though he mentions nothing about protein, you should still be entertained.








shin pads




10 Essentials with Chris Martindale

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We are going to start doing some more random blog updates with the team guys, so we hit up Chris Martindale and asked him to give us a list of his top 10 life essentials. There were no guidelines to the answers, just 10 things you need in your life. He sent over a few photos to go with the answers and I grabbed some random ones off google… Aside from filling out random top 10 questions for us, Chris has been filming a bunch for Brian Chace’s new video Refresh and there should be a new trailer online this week… We’ll make sure to post that here, but for now, check out Chris’ top 10.


1. Girlfriend sahar


2. Friends and family


3. Bmx


4. Traveling


5. Good food


6. Lattes


7. Camera


8. Surfing (even though I havnt in awhile)


9. Insulin


10.warm sunny day

Anthony Messere Interview


Anthony Messere has been pumping out a bunch of great edits and updates lately, so I thought I’d hit him up with a few questions, so everyone can get to know Anthony a little better.

What’s your name, age, and where do you live?
My name is Anthony Messere, I am 13 years old and live in Surrey B.C.

Do you have a page of a BMX magazine on the cover of your 3 ring binder, and if so, what is it?
Actually I do, it’s a picture from Ride Bmx, It’s Doyle doing a massive cranked turndown!

How did you get so good?
Riding everyday all day!

If you could ride 1 spot for the next 2 months with perfect weather, where would it be?
Cali or Dubai, they both have amazing street, and Cali has sweet parks and trails!

How did you get into doing video stuff and what kind of gear do you have?
I always wanted to make videos, and I eventually got a camera, and slowly got more and more into it!
As for gear, I have a Sony HDR – Fx7 , and edit with Adobe Premier pro and After effects!

Do you like filming or being filmed better?
There both about the same, but if I have something to film, then I defiantly would want to get filmed.

Do you show the girls at school all your videos? And if so, what do they think?
Sometimes, most of them arent really to interested , but you will get the odd one who gets stoaked.

Do you ride your bike to school and do bunnyhop barspins in front of all the babes?
I wish! I think if I brought my bike to school it would get stolen. But the odd time on the way to the local park, I pass by the school and chill for a bit.

If you had $400, a car, a drivers license, and 48 hours to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?
I would probably go to whistler, because whenever I am up there its always a great time

What’s the funnies youtube video you’ve ever seen?
There is two, first one is a video of some English guy driving around throwing burgers at random people, the second one is a kid freaking out, because his mom cancelled his Xbox live account, the kid fliped out!

You’re A Man Now Son Contest!!!


MacNeil is working with Joe Mamma’s Bike Shop in Ottawa Canada to put together a pretty fun skatepark jam weekend. We’re going to be throwing a birthday party for one lucky American rider who’s 18th birthday happens to fall in the week leading up to the Jam. Why 18? Because you’re a man now son, and for some reason your country won’t let you drink yet. Did we mention that Ottawa is located on the Quebec border where the drinking age is 18? So if you’re an American rider and your birthday lands on or between June 7th and 12th, you’re eligible to win an all expenses paid trip to a jam in Ottawa as part of the Ten Pack Re-session tour, to chill and ride with the MacNeil Team and all the Ottawa locals. Go to tenpackbmx.com for more details and dates on the Re-session Tour.

1.    You must be turning 18 on or between the dates of June 7th to 12th.
2.    You must have a valid passport.
3.    You must want to have a really fun birthday.
4.    You must be a legit rider and not just some dude who just wants to party in Canada. This is a riding trip. The party comes second.

How do you get picked?

That’s up to you. The contest is wide open. Send us whatever you think will make us choose you. It can be bmx related or not, whatever you want. Some examples are, a simple email, a riding video, a party video, photos of your girlfriend, (or mom if she’s still hot,) arts and crafts, bribe money, a really nice present, photos of your bike, etc. Send as much or as little as you want. Basically we’re looking for someone who’s going to be fun to hang out with, and wants a birthday party that we’ll all remember for years. We’ll be posting entries on the site as they come in.

What don’t we want?

We don’t want to baby sit some idiot who’s so drunk he goes to jail or chokes on his own vomit. The last thing we want to do is have to call your parents and tell them that you’re dead. And by all expenses paid, we DO NOT MEAN BAIL!

What’s covered?
1.    A return plane ticket from Where ever you live in the USA to Ottawa Canada. Fly in on June 12 and return on June 15.
2.    $40 a day food money for four days. $160 total.
3.    Hotel for three nights. You’ll be staying in a room with the team riders.
4.    A free golf bag courtesy of Ogio to put your bike in when you fly.

Send all your entries to info@macneilbmx.com

Looking Back on Brighton


As soon as the Seventies Guys told us about their idea for the Brighton house we were sold. Our only question was, “how soon can we get in there?” Since a few of the guys were already scheduled to go to Estonia we just rescheduled the return trip to swing through Brighton. When the guys got home they were raving about how much fun they had. Bas and the guys from Seventies really took care of them and made sure the trip was so good that they made a second trip there before it was over. Thanks to everyone at Seventies for everything they did for us. You guys rock!

Check out a little interview with Bas about chilling with the team, and how big time he is. By the way Bas, good job answering my asshole questions so politically correctly. Read the rest of this entry »

And The Gold Medal Goes To…


So, here we go… The winner for the t-shirt contest is Chuck Dodge! Sometimes the simplest ideas go the farthest. I thought rather than just posting the winner, I’d explain how we came to this… I’m just going to talk about the last four shirts that we posted. They are all really good and made it to the top because we really liked them and for that, rather than just hooking up the winner, we are going to send a package of clothing to all the guys below…  Here’s why the shirt above won…


This shirt was executed amazingly. All the detail that was in the background was really dope and I just liked the overall feel… But it was a wolf and like you guys have been saying in the comments, a bunch of other BMX companies have made wolf shirts. If it wasn’t a wolf, there’s a good chance this would have won.


I was really feeling the type treatment, but I wish the font was thicker, so there were more sprockets and we were all not really into the big print behind the main type.

The graphic that was used to create the all-over print was really cool and I loved the use of the blue vs. the black, but all-over prints are all over… If this was two years ago, this would have won…

Final Four

After getting emails back from most of the team, we’ve narrowed it down to a final four… Still have no idea who we are going to pick… Winner will be up in under 2 hours.





Or Favorite Shirts (top 12?)


So, here is what we’ve narrowed the contest down to… When we first thought of doing the contest, we had no idea how hard it would be to pick a winner… Again, we are so psyched on how many people sent in shirts and we really appreciate the hard work everyone put into their designs. The shirts in this post have made it in here for two reasons… We like them and we can actually print them.

Check them out below and let us know what you think in the comments! We are still waiting to hear back from a few team riders who are helping us pick the winner. We’ll post the results today, no matter what!

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T-Shirt Contest – Final Entries


As we are going through all the t-shirts today, we wanted to post the final entries that we received over the past week or so. It’s pretty crazy how many designs we got and we are really psyched that everyone took the time to bust out their crayons and do some designs! As I’m typing this, we’ve narrowed the contest down to about 10 shirts (out of 320!!!) and we will post the official winner later today.

Since we had so many entries, I just made a quick photoshop gallery to post all the shirts (rather than uploading and posting them one at a time in the blog). So, Click here to see the final batch of shirts!

Jaumell In The New Hats

Jaumell was killing everything last summer before he wrecked his ankle. Since then he’s been killing cans and bottles. Anyway we sent him some questions to see what he’s been up to. Along with his answers he sent in some photos of himself wearing the new hats. Check it out after the jump. Crispy!

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MacNeil T-Shirt Contest. Round 2

The entries keep coming in and we can’t wait to see more. There’s still 12 more days left, so skip out on some homework and design some t-shirts! Check out all of the entries we got over the past week… It’s crazy how many people have sent stuff in!!

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