Chris Silva Signature Seat Desktop Wallpapers

Macneil_Wallpaper (1280 x 800)

Chris Silva’s new signature Pivotal seat is now available in finer bike shops worldwide so we decided to put together a desktop wallpaper together for it. Silva tosses the Bs on a wild looking bank for the lens of Mike Headford. Check out the links below to grab the wallpaper that suits your display and get out to your local shop to grab Silva’s seat and get comfy!

1280 x 800
1440 x 900
1680 x 1050
1920 x 1080
2560 x 1440

265C Cruiser Spotted on Vancouver Is Awesome

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.38.17 PM

One of our OG 265C cruisers popped up in the ’25 of the Best Bikes Photographed on the Streets of Vancouver’ photo gallery on Vancouver is Awesome. This one’s been pimped out a bit and looks dope! Check out the full photo gallery here. We’ve been working on some rad updated versions of the cruisers that will be available soon enough, stay tuned for more on all of that!

Guard Sprockets Are Back!


Our popular Guard sprocket, the one that started it all, is now back for good! Using the same tried and true solid, one-piece CNC’d 6061 aluminum design based on our iconic Light sprocket, the Guard sprocket is designed to take whatever seriously heavy abuse you can throw at it. It’s perfect for getting sideways on crankarm grinds or for bringing back the sprocket chunk. We’re currently offering it in 25T or 28T options in black only, hit up your local shop or mail order to get your hands on one! Often imitated, never duplicated.

Network Hubs: One Hot Product

Ride BMX profiled our Network hubs a bit ago in one of their ‘One Hot Product’ videos and we just added that video to our Vimeo channel. Check out the video for a verbal run-down on the hubs from Darcy and be sure to check out the flipbook we put together for the hubs as well. Get your shit rollin’ right with a set of Network hubs!

Varsity Deal @ Casual BMX


More MacNeil deals around the world for the holiday season. For a limited time at Casual BMX if you buy Kevin Kiraly’s signature Varsity frame you’ll also get a copy of the Deadline DVD! Kevin holds down an amazing part in the video, and since Kevin rides for the shop they decided to put this deal together for you. Get it while it lasts here.

Crazy Christmas Deals @ Unleaded!

macneil pack varsity black 800

Unleaded BMX in France have some great holiday sales going on right now. For a limited time they have this amazing kit with a black Varsity frame, black CKS forks, and black 9″ Tabarnak bars on sale, or the same bundle but with chrome forks and bars. If you’re in France, or anywhere in the EU, hit them up for your Christmas wish list and save big!

Silva: MacNeil Sunglasses with RideBMX Subscription


More Silva action this week with this photo in the newest issue of RideBMX. If you turn to the subscription page you can see this full page photo of Chris with a gap to manual on an apple (from here on out referred to as a ‘gapple’) shot by Trent Barker.

For a limited time when you get a subscription to RideBMX Magazine you will also get a pair of our limited edition MacNeil/RideBMX sunglasses! Hit up their site for all the subscription info and get the magazine sent to your door 9 times a year, and keep the sun out of your eyes too.

Re-Up: Connect Cranks Promo

Here’s a re-up of our Connect cranks promo with Taylor Elvy in case you missed it the first time around. Check out the micro-site for more info on these beefy, 22mm spindle cranks and then contact your favourite MacNeil dealer to get a pair on your bike.


Tabarnak: Devil Is In The Details


Looking for new handlebars? Our Tabarnak bars could be the best choice you could make. They are available in 3 different sizes (8.25″, 8.75″, and 9″), with 12 degrees of backsweep and 1 degree of upsweep, full post weld heat treatment, masked off stem clamping section, multi butted tubing, and a 19mm OD cross bar with and beautiful details like this engraved logo. You can also find them in a variety of colours such as ED black, Varsity green (limited edition), Varsity purple (limited edition), matte red, raw, and chrome. Hit up your favourite local MacNeil dealer or mailorder to get a pair on your bike today.

CKS Forks Back In Stock!


CKS forks have been sold out just about everywhere for a minute, but they are back in stock now. Hit up your your favourite MacNeil dealer to get yourself a set. We made a limited amount of them in Varsity colours so you better act fast. In case you missed it, check out our product explanation where we explain the difference and reason we use a dome capping on our forks.

In Stock Now: Light V3 Sprockets


Our Light V3 sprockets have been out for a minute, but this is a refresher. We brought back the original shape and style of our Light sprocket because a classic can never die. With the V3 you can find a 22mm centre hole, and it comes with a 19mm adaptor. This way if you run a set of cranks with a 22mm spindle (like our Connect cranks), you don’t need to run anything at all. It’s machined 6mm thick 6061 aluminum, and available in 25 tooth or 28 tooth options in a variety of colours. Hit up your closest MacNeil dealer to get one on your bike today.

RideBMX One Hot Product – Network Hubs

Darcy gives you the lowdown on our Network hubs in this new One Hot Product feature from RideBMX. If the video isn’t enough info for you, go check out our flipbook again for more photos and details, then run, don’t walk, to your favourite MacNeil dealer to get these laced up to your ride ASAP.

Products Explained: The Domed Difference


Dome capping has been used for a few years on our popular Blazer and CKS forks, as well as on our Loden and Calico frames. We realized that some riders might not be the most familiar with this style of dropout and why we chose to use this unique shape/process, so we thought we’d get our product designer Darcy Saccucci to explain it

There seems to be some confusion about the domed bottoms fork legs at the drop out area of our Blazer and CKS forks. Lets clear it up. The rounded area at the bottom of the forks is there to eliminate two weak spots on how forks are traditionally built. Most forks have a tube that is cut and then a cap is either brazed or welded over the end of the fork leg, this cap can often become damaged from grinding. The CKS and Blazer forks’ domed end is the actual tube that has been formed to that rounded shape, it’s not a separate piece that has been added. The second and largest advantage of the domed legs is that using this eliminates the 90º corner that has long been the weakest spot on drop outs. By making one long sweeping weld, that is actually welded to the fork leg and not separate cap welded on cap, the stress that can typically cause a fork drop out to fail is spread out over a greater area which reduces the focus of the impact that forks take from hard landings and crashes.

Basically there is a lot more to these forks than just looking good.

– Darcy Saccucci

An example of where dropouts commonly crack from usual stress points.

Greg Flag Bike Check

Greg Flag has a couple adult beverages, takes you on a tour of his Borato V3 build with Connect cranks, and Network wheels, then proceeds to get down on some spots in the Vancouver, BC area. For anyone who has never had the opportunity to experience Greg’s weird sense of humour, this is a pretty good introduction.