Welcome to the Team, Gabe Truax!

We're stoked to welcome Southern Ontario shredder Gabe Truax to the team. Gabe's been killing it for a while now in the Dundas/Hamilton scene and even though this edit is on the short side, it gives you a good idea of what to expect from this dude. Go follow him on Instagram at @gabetruax and stay tuned for his full team page and more, coming soon! Welcome to the team, Gabe! Filmed and edited by Dan Cauchi.

Greg Flag in Eye Sore 11

Brand new Vancouver-based shop Atlantis recently hi-jacked the Eye Sore series and dropped a Van-city special featuring Greg Flag along with a ton of other dudes from the west coast. Check it!

Chijioke Okafo Interview on Northern Embassy

ChijiokeOkafo-Crook1-700x466 Chijioke Okafo has a great interview over on the Northern Embassy site where he talks about a ton of stuff including music, his cats, his inability to leave his bike setup the same for too long, and tons more. Head over to their site and check it all out here including some rad shots by Mason Gray and Trent Barker (above).

Chijioke Okafo Is A Beast

Our dude Chijioke Okafo has been on a pretty serious mission lately and has been killing it all season. He recently landed a spot on Merritt with fellow teammate and biological twin Greg Henry, who has a guest clip in this edit. Press play on this one and enjoy it, you'll probably want to watch it twice. Congrats, Chi!

Chijioke Okafo’s Hunt Part

About a year ago, Chijioke Okafo was down in LBC for the premiere of The Hunt's 'Paint The Town Red' video premiere. He landed 7th place for his edit and it's now up online for everyone to see. If you haven't seen it yet, check this out and wait to see some more Cali goodness from Chijioke later this month when he heads back down that way.

Chris Silva’s Fresh Borato V3

1 Chris Silva recently built up a fresh new Borato V3 and man does it look good. The raw frame, fork, and bar look tight with some subtle red and white bits. Check out a few more photos after the jump, including a close up of Silva's nuts, and shout out to Chase Davidson for the dope shots! 2 CKS forks. 3 Silva's signature nuts from Animal ready to hit the streets. 4 Connect cranks. 5   Tabarnak bars.  

Throwback Thursdays with Greg Flag

The dudes at Northern Embassy tossed up this rad Throwback Thursday edit of the one-and-only Greg Flag from the Presence DVD in 2008. There's so much wild shit in here so sit back and enjoy!

Chris Silva in Harvester Street Jam Edit

Chris Silva has some dope clips in this edit from the Harvester Bikes street jam that went down a bit ago in the Toronto area along with a ton of locals. Check it out!

Quick Clips from Antoine Nau

Check out a few quick, chill park clips from our dude Antoine Nau out in France. Shout out to Pef and everyone at Unleaded for everything they do for us over there.

Jack Leonard – 2014 Edit

Jack Leonard is one of those riders who can ride a curb, a bump or a crack in the sidewalk for hours and make it looks so damn good and this edit is proof positive of that. This one's short and sweet but, never fear, Jack's always cookin' up more in the lab. Press play and watch the dude get down and go follow him on Instagram at @rajaclonked.

Behind The Scenes In Hong Kong With Brandon Webster

A while back we posted a video and some news from Brandon Webster about his trip to Hong Kong to film a video for a new app called 'Somday.' They just dropped this behind the scenes video from the entire thing that gives you a little more insight into how it all went down and what the dudes experienced while they were over there. Press play!

Brandon Webster at Vital Game of BIKE

IMG_1395 Brandon Webster took a trip down to LA at the beginning of the month to compete in Vital's game of BIKE at the Hollenbeck Plaza and they just posted the video of his round against Caleb Quanbeck that he ended up winning. Here's what Brandon had to say about the whole thing and check out the video below... "The Vital game of BIKE was a blast! It was one of the most relaxed and positive contests I've ever been to; riding with your friends at a plaza made it super easy to have a good time. To say the least, I had an amazing time!"