Silva’s LA Pool Edit

Chris recently spent some time in the LA area. This is what he had to say about it:
“MacNeil Bikes sent me out to Los Angeles for a couple of weeks during the cold Canadian winter. I spent most of my time with Andrew Lazaruk & Rick Thorne emptying out and riding pools. Instead of taking the sessions too serious, I just set my phone on top of whatever was around and recorded some clips. This edit is in exact order of the pools and sessions we had.

Thanks again to Andrew & Rick for taking me along on the adventures, as well as Adam22 and the OSS crew for letting me crash at their house.”

Island Pace

Awhile back Brandon Webster was over here on the west coast of Canada so he, Adam and Nathan headed over to Vancouver Island for a couple of days with filmer/editor and amazing rider Corey Walsh. They caught a few salmon and hit up some fun parks while avoiding the typical rain. Enjoy!

The G.H. Show

Canada’s favorite greasy, fast, 200 pound Italian tank, Greg Henry put out this great edit over on
the Dig site. Click and enjoy.

Shawn Franz Shreds Winnipeg

Anyone who has been to Winnipeg knows that here are so many crazy spots and this edit that Graham McCallum has put together of Shawn Franz riding a lot of creative and wild set ups does a great job of showing that. Hit play and book a ticket to the middle of Canada. A big thanks goes out to Graham and Shawn for putting this together.

Silva’s AMN Section on TCU

The Come Up posted Silva’s entire section their site. Here is what they had to say about it.

We are extremely excited to premiere Chris Silva’s mind blowing ender section from Macneil‘s “Any Means Necessary” DVD. Anybody who knows anything is aware that Chris is one of the most innovative and progressive pegless street riders of all time and his lifelong search for set up’s and clips throughout the streets of Toronto hasn’t slowed down much in the past few years. Check this out and if you enjoy it, by all means check out the rest of the DVD here.

You can also check out Chris’s crashes, alternate angles and outtakes on the MacNeil Vimeo page here, here and here.

Silva’s Any Means Necessary Alternate Angles Edit

See Silva as you have never seen him before…Chris Silva put together this edit that’s full of alternate angles from his section in our AMN DVD. If you haven’t seen Any Mean Necessary yet, scroll down and watch the whole DVD.

Nathan Hines 2015 Edit

Nathan Hines drinking 40s and getting tech for ya!
Filmed and Edited by Rayden Wickop
Song: Wiz Khalifa – The Sleaze

Nathan Hines in Portland

Vancouver Island shredded Nathan Hines has transplanted himself to Oregon and from the look of this edit things are going real well for him down there in the land of Suicide Girls looking strippers and craft beer.




Brandon Webster our badass bass fisherman and all around BMX shredder is 18 today which makes him legal in some parts of Canada. It must be time for a road trip to Montreal!


A while back a few of use headed out into the mountains to ride this secluded dam spot. Adam and Amos killed it while Zach Rampen did the work behind the lens. A big thanks goes out to him for the edit.


Check out this TCU exclusive welcome edit that Chijoke’s been working on for the past couple months with filmer and editor Jack Leonard. The kid kills it!! Welcome to the crew, homie.

Silva’s ICC Five to Ten Part



Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 6.50.26 PM


Chris posted his complete part from Five to Ten for everyone to check out. This is what he had to say about it.

“Basically just want to get this out cause it’s such old footage from 2012-13. Every clip in this is captured on cellular devices, hahaha.”

Watch it here: Chris Silva- ICC “Five To Ten” DVD Section


BMX Gallery: 4130 Ride 2 Glory Contest



The guys at BMX Gallery: 4130 in Calgary are running their super fun Ride 2 Glory contest again. It’s easy, get your friends together and do some crazy shit from the task list, film it all and put it into a 5 minute edit. The task list has a ton of different ways to stack points, from some super easy stuff like, eating tacos or putting stickers on your bike (hit us up for free stickers) to stuff that could be super dangerous, like test riding a Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire bike or wearing short shorts for a week. Both of which could end very badly.  In support of this great contest we’ve come up with our own 18 and over MacNeil challenge. Hottest topless woman on a BMX. Keep it classy and dump ‘em out for MacNeil.





The other night we loaded Adam and Amos’ bikes and some camera gear into the truck and headed out of Vancouver to check out a dam that has been high on our list of spots to ride. We weren’t disappointed. Both Amos and Adam threw down. Check the rest of the pics after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »