A while back a few of use headed out into the mountains to ride this secluded dam spot. Adam and Amos killed it while Zach Rampen did the work behind the lens. A big thanks goes out to him for the edit.


Check out this TCU exclusive welcome edit that Chijoke’s been working on for the past couple months with filmer and editor Jack Leonard. The kid kills it!! Welcome to the crew, homie.

Silva’s ICC Five to Ten Part



Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 6.50.26 PM


Chris posted his complete part from Five to Ten for everyone to check out. This is what he had to say about it.

“Basically just want to get this out cause it’s such old footage from 2012-13. Every clip in this is captured on cellular devices, hahaha.”

Watch it here: Chris Silva- ICC “Five To Ten” DVD Section


BMX Gallery: 4130 Ride 2 Glory Contest



The guys at BMX Gallery: 4130 in Calgary are running their super fun Ride 2 Glory contest again. It’s easy, get your friends together and do some crazy shit from the task list, film it all and put it into a 5 minute edit. The task list has a ton of different ways to stack points, from some super easy stuff like, eating tacos or putting stickers on your bike (hit us up for free stickers) to stuff that could be super dangerous, like test riding a Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire bike or wearing short shorts for a week. Both of which could end very badly.  In support of this great contest we’ve come up with our own 18 and over MacNeil challenge. Hottest topless woman on a BMX. Keep it classy and dump ’em out for MacNeil.





The other night we loaded Adam and Amos’ bikes and some camera gear into the truck and headed out of Vancouver to check out a dam that has been high on our list of spots to ride. We weren’t disappointed. Both Amos and Adam threw down. Check the rest of the pics after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

THE BIG 3-0!



Big 30th happy birthday goes out to our good friend and rider Chris Silva. If you see him rolling around Toronto say, “parabens, felix aniversario” to our Portuguese Canadian shredder. 

Thanks for the good times.

dill_dandylion copy

Dillon Lloyd, longtime MacNeil team rider has let us know that starting in July in he will be riding for another bike company. We wish him the best of luck in the future. A great rider and a great guy.

Gleamin’ – NMTBS

Check out this video from Luke Santucci and his Gleamin’ project. Lots of great clips from Taylor, Greg, Dillon, and Jaumell getting down from Vancouver to Edmonton.

Dillon Lloyd Ride ad

Check out our latest ad in Ride featuring Dillon Lloyd. The sequence was taken on our last trip in New York… Keep an eye out for the edit dropping on the Props site soon!

Refresh Edit

Check out Chris Martindale is this new edit from Brian Chace!

Chris Martindale Clips

Brian Chace put together a fun edit of clips from the Skate Barn in Seattle… Martindale has some stuff in there as well as a full part in Brian’s new video that should be out soon!

October 24th, Contest at the Taz in Montreal!


Alistair, Dillon, Silva and I are going to be at this contest with a bunch of other guys from other teams. The park is amazing. It’s going to be a super fun time. It has a pretty good pro purse and super good prizes for the top five amateurs. For more info check out the Ten Pack site. -Jay

New Mystic Shop in Estonia.


Alan from Mystic, our Estonian distributor, sent around photos of their new shop in Tallinn. This is probably going to show up on other sites too, but we wanted to post it anyway because they’ve made it look so good. Check out a few more photos after the jump.

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MacNeil in Kickstand Magazine


We got a call the other day from the guys over at Kickstand Magazine requesting one of the 265c cruisers so that they can check it out and review it. Kickstand is a rad new magazine dedicated to cruiser bikes, the guys running it are super cool, and we’re pretty excited that they want to check our bike. It’s going to be in the Interbike issue that comes out really soon. Click the link above to see how you can start getting the mag.