Vans Kill the Line Trails Contest in Peynier, France


Bibi, Alex Dropsy and the other Peynier locals have partnered up with Vans to put on a really cool looking contest. Here’s the email we got from Alex. Make sure to click on the link for more info on the official website.


For those who didn’t hear about it we’re setting a BMX trail contest in Peynier. It’s gonna happen the 12 and 13 September in the south of France.
Contest is open to everyone. One category and 3000€ to win. Everything is gonna happen on the new line: Stone. Built last spring with the help of Markus Hampl.
A website as been set for that <> with daily news, pics, video from the trail and the locals.
That’ll be cool to put links and infos on yours websites if you can.
A big party will be on saturday night, 200 meters from the spot. So if you’re not interested in bmx you still can come for a drink.

Thanks a lot and I hope to see you soon in Peynier



Chris Sliva FUTU

Check out Chris Silva’s part from the FUTU video that I just came across on The Come Up.

Grove Street Bikes and both feature the new MacNeil 265c Cruisers

Ralph from Animal just sent over a link to the news section of his new bike shop Grove Street Bikes. They  just got in a few cruisers and featured them in their news section. Thanks a lot Ralph.

We also want to thank Dan’s Comp and Vital for featuring the bikes in the Gear Guide. We’re super stoked to see the bikes getting out there.

Vital BMX Gear Guide 14 – More BMX Videos

Wade and MacNeil are going their separate ways


I’d like to personally thank Wade for his amazing dedication to MacNeil over the last four years. It’s been a pleasure to not only ride with him, but get to know him as a person and call him a good friend. There’s no beef or anything between us. We just both realized it was time for a switch. Wade has already had a few calls from other companies regarding his riding future. So I’m sure he’ll have something new lined up real soon. All the best man, and thanks again.


’09 Whitton Frame

Ali’s stoked on his new frame and it’s fucking amazing! We’ll put full product pages up soon, but for now, here’s the spec for the Whitton III. We’ll post the rest of the frames over the next few days!

  • Top Tube – 20.75″, 21″
  • Rear Triangle – 13.65″
  • Head-tube angle – 74.5°
  • Seat-tube angle – 71°
  • BB height – 11.75″
  • Stand over height – 8.4
  • Weight – 4.55 lbs


  • Small diameter top and downtube
  • Tapered Seat and chainstays
  • Removable Brake mounts
  • Removable Gyro tabs
  • Integrated Headset
  • Logoed brake bridge
  • Spanish BB
  • Micro dropouts
  • Heat treated BB, Dropouts and Headtube
  • Full 4130 Sanko Japanese tubing
  • Integrated seatclamp
  • Clearance for huge tires
  • Colours: Matte Candy Red, Matte Clear, Matte Black

Impassioned defense?


I wasn’t trying to open a new debate on BBs all over again, I just wanted to explain why we use Spanish on our frames. Russ on his SPRFLS blog said I was making and impassioned defense….if you read it again you’ll see that it’s not exactly impassioned “This is just my common sense look at the bottom brackets and why I think that the Spanish BB is the best choice for our frames.” I had no idea that people had such strong feelings about bottom brackets. In all of the years that we have run the Spanish on our frames I haven’t heard any complaints about the bearings blowing up. Not from the team guys and not from customers so I was sure that the bearings were holding up so I was comfortable saying that performance wouldn’t be sacrificed. I agree that 100g isn’t a lot of weight but 100 grams here and there adds up (hollow stem bolts save about 2g per bolt). In the comments we’ve heard from both side of this but one poster on the SPRFLS site summed up my thoughts really well.

Mr B said:
“Most people seem to be saying that mids are better because the extra strength is worth the extra weight.

If this is the case then why does everyone run stems with massive holes milled into them? Surely by then the weight saved isn’t worth the strength lost?

The reason people run stems with the holes is because they are strong enough for the job in hand, so we then need to ask ourselves what strength do we need from a bottom bracket.

Isn’t it possible that a spanish bearing is strong enough and that mid are overkill?
Has anyone actually had problems with disintigrating spanish bearings?”

I’m going to look into the claims of failing bearings and see where that leads us. I’m not trying to convert anyone from Mid or tell people that the BB they have is inferior, I just wanted to answer the question of why I’ve chosen the Spanish BB’s for our frames.

Spanish BBs are the shit.

I get a lot of e-mails from people asking questions about MacNeil products. I’ve  been seeing this question a lot lately and I think it’s a good one.

The question is, “When most other brands frames are using the mid BB why is MacNeil still sticking with Spanish BBs?”

Here is my answer. This is just my common sense look at the bottom brackets and why I think that the Spanish BB is the best choice for our frames.

The Mid is an American BB without the aluminum cups. As I see it, this is a minimal change and has no great advantage over the old school American BB which was developed in the 70’s BMX for 1 pcs cranks.
The advantage of the Spanish over the Mid is a lot clearer. The Spanish shell is smaller than the Mid which reduces the weight of the shell itself, more weight saving comes from the bearings as you can see by the photos. The bearings are narrower, the inside race is much thinner, add these things to the smaller diameter of the shell and the weight savings really start to add up. Even the  bearing cover/spacers are a little lighter due to the reduced OD. In total the weight savings is about 100 grams or nearly a quarter of a pound.  And before anyone says it, no I didn’t take into account the less than 2mm longer that would need to be added to the frame tubes to reach the smaller shell but that’s really minimal.

Besides the substantial weight savings, I think it looks way better. With all of the frame tubing diameters getting smaller in the last couple of years the Mid BB looks a little big and bulky. When the Mid and Spanish first battled it out for BB supremacy the frame tubes were a lot bigger in diameter. At that point in time almost every frame used a 22.2mm (7/8”) chain and seat stays, down tubes were all in the neighborhood of 42mm, so the Mid didn’t look out of place back then, but as the tubes have gotten smaller (seat and chain stays are 19mm or less) on the current frames the Spanish B.B. fits in better.

About 100gr saving that doesn’t sacrifice performance or cost any more money, while being more consistent with the reduced tube sizes used on current frame ….. makes sense to me. I’m not trying to tell you what to run…just laying out facts and letting you known why I’ve made the choice that I have on the MacNeil frames. Just something to think about if you’re looking at a getting a new frame.

-Darcy Saccucci

Spanish Bearing and Shell – 191g
Mid Bearing and Shell – 289g
Difference = 98g



A few of weeks ago I went over to Japan to see Shoe-G and to meet up with Yossy from Zen Distribution who takes care of MacNeil over there. I had never been to Japan before which is surprising considering all of the time I’ve spent in Asia over the last decade. It was worth the wait! What an amazing place. All of the things you have heard about Japan are true. Dialed. Advanced. Clean. Friendly. I loved everything. One of the greatest things was riding my cruiser around and seeing how bike friendly Japan is. Bike lanes, official bike parking areas with huge rack systems and just a general acceptance by the drivers.  Progressive city.  I went to a well know commuter/fixie/BMX shop called W-Base.  The owner Moto and his brother Rip have been involved with BMX in Japan since the the early days which explains why the store is as much a BMX museum as it is a shop. We ended up at a great party that brought together people from all types of cycling and a their love of cheap Japanese malt liquor. I also hooked up with Shoe-G at his place so that I could meet his lady and his super cute daughter who was dressed as a cow at dinner. Thanks to Yossy and the boys at W-Base for showing me around and introducing me to Kirin Green Label (good value and quality!) Check the photos and if you ever get a chance, go to Japan. It’s a truly amazing place.

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Bibi’s a Dadi!


Bibi and his girl Julie had a baby girl on Sunday! Her name is Charlie. We don’t have much more info than that at the moment, but we’ll let you know more as soon as we know. Congratulations to Bibi and Julie from all of us here at MacNeil!

Chris Martindale – Alaska

Chris Martindale Alaska

A few weeks ago, Chris Martindale took a quick trip up to Alaska and sent over some photos. He’s got a family full of “boat” people. His dad is part owner of a boat yard that does really nice yacht remodels (that’s where Chris works) and his uncle owns fishing/research boats, that Chris has spend numerous summers on with his cousin Mike Leask when they were kids.

“I help my uncle and cousin drive there fishing boat from Seattle to Sitka. Its a 5 day trip, basically driving a thousand miles at parking lot speed.  The trip was a lot of fun, but I dont understand why people would live up there this time of year. It snowed everyday on us. Here’s some photos.”

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Wade Lajlar Bike Check


Wade has been riding one of the two Bibi samples. Bibi has the purple one you saw the other day and Wade’s been riding the “peacock” one. He’s been super psyched on it and shot a bunch of photos with Tim Okane at the Igloo. Check em all out after the jump!

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Birthdays and New Team Members

We would like to wish happy birthday to Alistair Whitton who turns 28 today, and to Travis Sexsmith who turned 22 yesterday.

            I’m proud to say that Alistair is the longest standing member of the team. He got on just after Interbike of 2000, a week after we got our first prototype frame done.

 I’m also proud to say that Travis is now the newest member of the team. Yes we’ve been hooking him for a few years now but as of today he’s officially a member of the pro team.

            Travis won’t be the newest team member for long however. Ali and Lindsay are due to have their baby boy Brener anytime now. We’ll let you all know as soon as we have news.


Alistair and his birthday cake



Travis Chilling


Quesada Family Painting


I finally got a painting from a member of the Quesada family. Well it’s just a print but that’s good enough for me.

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Harrison and Micheala get Married

Harrison and his babe Michaela tied the knot over the weekend. It was a great ceremony with a super good party afterward. It happened at the Sidney Pier Hotel, a really cool new hotel right on the ocean on Vancouver Island. A small group of family and close friends were on hand to celebrate with them.

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