Bibi’s a Dadi!


Bibi and his girl Julie had a baby girl on Sunday! Her name is Charlie. We don’t have much more info than that at the moment, but we’ll let you know more as soon as we know. Congratulations to Bibi and Julie from all of us here at MacNeil!

Chris Martindale – Alaska

Chris Martindale Alaska

A few weeks ago, Chris Martindale took a quick trip up to Alaska and sent over some photos. He’s got a family full of “boat” people. His dad is part owner of a boat yard that does really nice yacht remodels (that’s where Chris works) and his uncle owns fishing/research boats, that Chris has spend numerous summers on with his cousin Mike Leask when they were kids.

“I help my uncle and cousin drive there fishing boat from Seattle to Sitka. Its a 5 day trip, basically driving a thousand miles at parking lot speed.  The trip was a lot of fun, but I dont understand why people would live up there this time of year. It snowed everyday on us. Here’s some photos.”

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Wade Lajlar Bike Check


Wade has been riding one of the two Bibi samples. Bibi has the purple one you saw the other day and Wade’s been riding the “peacock” one. He’s been super psyched on it and shot a bunch of photos with Tim Okane at the Igloo. Check em all out after the jump!

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Birthdays and New Team Members

We would like to wish happy birthday to Alistair Whitton who turns 28 today, and to Travis Sexsmith who turned 22 yesterday.

            I’m proud to say that Alistair is the longest standing member of the team. He got on just after Interbike of 2000, a week after we got our first prototype frame done.

 I’m also proud to say that Travis is now the newest member of the team. Yes we’ve been hooking him for a few years now but as of today he’s officially a member of the pro team.

            Travis won’t be the newest team member for long however. Ali and Lindsay are due to have their baby boy Brener anytime now. We’ll let you all know as soon as we have news.


Alistair and his birthday cake



Travis Chilling


Quesada Family Painting


I finally got a painting from a member of the Quesada family. Well it’s just a print but that’s good enough for me.

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Harrison and Micheala get Married

Harrison and his babe Michaela tied the knot over the weekend. It was a great ceremony with a super good party afterward. It happened at the Sidney Pier Hotel, a really cool new hotel right on the ocean on Vancouver Island. A small group of family and close friends were on hand to celebrate with them.

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Velvart Bike Shop, and Hungarian Memories.

It wasn’t that long ago that good bike shops were hard to find. Now they’re everywhere. We just got this video sent to us from our Hungarian distributor. It’s a look at their new shop, and it’s amazing. Anyway the video also reminded me of my first trip to Europe for the 92 worlds in Budapest, seriously one of the craziest trips of my life.

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Wolfman Interview


We interviewed Wolfman about what it’s like filming. We also talked about a few web videos he’s been working on. Check out more after the Jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Fun with Comments…


So, some cleaver people thought it would be fun to write some shit in the comments… I just got to the office this morning and definitely had a good laugh… Check out what was written and let me know if you think I’d say stuff like this:

“Shea, I did receive your e-mail, however I disqualified your entries for containing explicit material. Vagina’s and penis’ are not our piece of pie here at Macneil. If Ryan Nyquist was part of our team it would me a different story but unfortunetly your entries will not be accepted. I am very sorry”

“Shea, to be honest with you im not a fan of “smack” or “shovels”, but infact its not the kids or shovels, but the way you positioned them on your designs… I meen really.. a grain shovel up a pre-teens ass is clearly too explicit.”

“Hey guys I’m a dirty prick and love driving Ryan Nyquist’s cockles up my bum hole.”

So… Shea… Out of the 320 shirts I received, I filed your email in the wrong folder and missed them on yesterday’s post. I’m real sorry!!!  I’m surprised I didn’t miss more… I posted your shirts after the jump, so everyone, check em out! As far as your deleted comment goes, it had a bunch of links in it and was being held for moderation… It’s in there now.

Jellyman… I looked for your shirt entries eveywhere, but didn’t see them… Send them over again and I’ll make sure they make it up! I’ll wait for a few hours, so we can get your shirts in before we post the winner…

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Gary on the Apple Site!

Check out a random still of Gary on the Apple site. The image was taken from a Vans pod cast and like any big company that knows nothing about BMX, they chose to use the photo in the worst possible position… If you know anything, you can tell Gary’s about to do an alley-oop turndown, but none the less, it’s pretty rad Gary’s on the Apple site!

Check Gary out here. (Scroll down and click on the sixth photo in the tumbnails on the right)

Bibi Busted!


Yo dudes.

The trail still wet…. It’s freezing here…. No crazy sun…

Take care

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Lewis Knowles Photos

Lewis Knowles sent over a bunch of photos. Check em out after the jump – Read the rest of this entry »