Birthdays and New Team Members

We would like to wish happy birthday to Alistair Whitton who turns 28 today, and to Travis Sexsmith who turned 22 yesterday.

            I’m proud to say that Alistair is the longest standing member of the team. He got on just after Interbike of 2000, a week after we got our first prototype frame done.

 I’m also proud to say that Travis is now the newest member of the team. Yes we’ve been hooking him for a few years now but as of today he’s officially a member of the pro team.

            Travis won’t be the newest team member for long however. Ali and Lindsay are due to have their baby boy Brener anytime now. We’ll let you all know as soon as we have news.


Alistair and his birthday cake



Travis Chilling


Quesada Family Painting

dsc00054 I finally got a painting from a member of the Quesada family. Well it's just a print but that's good enough for me. Read more after the jump.dsc00055 Not many people know it but David Quesada, (owner of Fly Bikes) comes from a pretty well known family of Artists. In fact David is the only member of his family who didn't become an artist. He chose BMX instead, which I think is pretty artistic anyway. dsc00057 I first met David at a contest in 94. He was the Hoffman Bikes Spanish distributor, and I was riding for Hoffman Bikes at the time. I told him I wanted to come to Europe for a trip the next spring. So he said he'd try to set up some demos for me and get me to spain. Pretty cool of him because it helped pay for my trip. dsc00058 In the spring of 95 I went on a three week trip to Germany, France, Holland, and Spain. It was one of the best trips of my life. We rode a bunch of spots in Germany, hit up the Marseille park in France when it was still pretty new, and then hit up Spain. I didn't know what Spain would be like but it seemed cool. David's family went out to stay in their summer home and let us have their whole apartment in downtown Vigo to chill in for a few days. The apartment was amazing. Pretty much all the walls were covered in super crazy looking art. It felt like we were rolling crazy European style. I guess we were. Anyway, I went back to Spain a few more times over the years for demos and kept telling David that he didn't need to get me paid just hook me up with a family painting. He never went for it. I guess the paintings were too valuable. At the last trade show in Vegas he had a bunch of family prints in the Fly booth. I asked him again what it would take to get one. He told me that I could have one after the show ended. I was stoked. Then I had to leave town early and missed the opportunity to get one. I thought I missed out again until Greenhouse Distribution, (Fly's USA distributor) sent this painting to me a few months later. Stoked. Thanks a lot for the painting David. I'm going to put it up at my house later this week. fdo08 This photo was shot at a cement halfpipe on the beach in Vigo in 95.

Harrison and Micheala get Married

ii9o57381 Harrison and his babe Michaela tied the knot over the weekend. It was a great ceremony with a super good party afterward. It happened at the Sidney Pier Hotel, a really cool new hotel right on the ocean on Vancouver Island. A small group of family and close friends were on hand to celebrate with them. Check out more photos after the jump. ii9o56121 Michaela is Slovakian and has a crazy last name. Every time the Minister said it, she got it wrong, which made for some funny moments. ii9o5643 "Quit trying to look so serious honey or I'll have someone say my last name." ii9o5655 "And please fix your tie." ii9o57232 "You don't have to look down my top anymore. We're married!" ii9o57261 Kisses ii9o5536 There wasn't a maid of honor or a best man at the wedding, but Josh took care of the best man duties, including seriously messing with the happy couples car and hotel room. ii9o5900 Harrison's Seattle Crew Top; Andrew McMullen, Harrison, Josh Kechloian, Nick Halsey Bottom; Chris Martindale, Hamilton Boyce, Dan Montgomery, Mike Leask, Steve Machuga

Velvart Bike Shop, and Hungarian Memories.

It wasn’t that long ago that good bike shops were hard to find. Now they’re everywhere. We just got this video sent to us from our Hungarian distributor. It’s a look at their new shop, and it's amazing. Anyway the video also reminded me of my first trip to Europe for the 92 worlds in Budapest, seriously one of the craziest trips of my life.

Read the story after the jump.

I was on the GT summer tour driving to shows in Spokane, Washington with another guy when the van broke down. We got it fixed but lost a lot of time. So we got into town six hours late. When we picked up the other guys there were no hotel rooms left in the city. After an hour of driving around we found the last room left in town at two am. We had to set the ramps up at 8:00 am for a mall show. When we got to the mall later that morning there were a bunch of riders waiting for us to help set up. They said that they had two cases of beer on ice, a jet ski, and a boat with water skis ready to go as soon as we were done the shows. You can imagine how that went. We all forgot we were tired. At about eight that night we were on our way to a club with my wallet at the bottom of the lake and I didn’t care one bit, because we had so much fun at the lake. The night got even better, but the next morning I had a horribly hung over drive to Seattle for my flight. Then shit got really crazy.

Fucking Budapest was nuts! There I am for my first time in Europe with my passport and a hundred bucks cash in my pocket. It was two and a half years after the fall of communism and the country was still in party mode. That translated to the contest as well. Everyday there was amazing riding from guys I’d never seen before, and every night was a crazy party. Some day I might write a book with all the details but for now you’ll just have to trust me. It was one fo the best contests ever.

I did a google search to see what would come up and found some footage of the vert contest. The funny thing is that I had just learned 360 tailwhips a month earlier. So I tried a 540 tailwhip in the contest. I didn’t even come close, the frame wouldn't whip for me. Everyone just thought it was a fucked up 540, but if you watch it now you can see what I’m trying. I didn’t try another one until the day I learned them in 97 and I was still stressing that the frame wouldn't come around. How funny is that? There's also some classic footage of Hoffman and McCoy in it. That's back when men were men and vert riders were idiots. We all take a hard slam but Dennis takes one of the hardest slams ever. Check it.


Wolfman Interview

2959371980_d0384245cb_b1 We interviewed Wolfman about what it's like filming. We also talked about a few web videos he's been working on. Check out more after the Jump. wolfman Photo by Joey Cobbs -

1. Most people know of you because of your web videos. How much time do you spend filming in a typical month?

Not a whole lot because I work too much, maybe 10 hours or so, or whenever I get to ride with a filmer.

2. What do you like about filming?

Having fun with the hommies, riding with good people gets you motivated.

3. What do you hate about filming?

Not pulling stuff!!! I’m sure everyone can agree with this, I hate when you try something over and over and still don't do it

4. Who do you usually film with?

Marco S. and bay area locals.

wolfman Photo by Joey Cobbs -

5. Tell us your most fucked up filming story. I dont want to know about a sore toe you got either. I want cops or dead hookers or something like that.

A pool in Petaluma, rode it one day with one of my buddies, amazing pool, perfect trannies, no problem the first day, came back the next day, and the guy who lived in the house waved a shotgun out the window and then threatened our life, fuck crazy tweakers in Methaluma

6. What are some of your favorite video parts from other riders in the last few years?

Kurtis Elwell - anything such a good rider.

Eddie c. - Lotek mix tape.

Ian Schwartz - anything really, guy is so creative.

Zac Coasta - franchise web, amazing.

7. Who would win between you and Alistair in an arm wrestle?

I think I can take him. He might workout and train for it though, but I eat a lot of Slim Jims, that always helps.


8. Name some of the best spots youve ridden in the last year.

Anything in England was great. I loved that place, can’t wait to go back. Also de Young Museum in San Fran, San Jose, Berkley, Ca.

9. You just did a bunch of filming for a Lotek web video. Are you stoked on how your footage turned out?

Yeah I guess, I hate watching myself ride, but I’m happy with some of the things I’ve done, hope people liked it.

10. Youve been filming for a MacNeil web video, hows that going and when is it coming out?

It’s going good, haven’t had too much time to film because It’s hard to work and then ride, but I’m getting it done. Should be out soon, weather permitting, ha ha. Fuck the rain and the cold.


Fun with Comments…

macneil_t_shirt00 So, some cleaver people thought it would be fun to write some shit in the comments... I just got to the office this morning and definitely had a good laugh... Check out what was written and let me know if you think I'd say stuff like this:
"Shea, I did receive your e-mail, however I disqualified your entries for containing explicit material. Vagina’s and penis’ are not our piece of pie here at Macneil. If Ryan Nyquist was part of our team it would me a different story but unfortunetly your entries will not be accepted. I am very sorry" "Shea, to be honest with you im not a fan of “smack” or “shovels”, but infact its not the kids or shovels, but the way you positioned them on your designs… I meen really.. a grain shovel up a pre-teens ass is clearly too explicit." "Hey guys I’m a dirty prick and love driving Ryan Nyquist’s cockles up my bum hole."
So... Shea... Out of the 320 shirts I received, I filed your email in the wrong folder and missed them on yesterday's post. I'm real sorry!!!  I'm surprised I didn't miss more... I posted your shirts after the jump, so everyone, check em out! As far as your deleted comment goes, it had a bunch of links in it and was being held for moderation... It's in there now. Jellyman... I looked for your shirt entries eveywhere, but didn't see them... Send them over again and I'll make sure they make it up! I'll wait for a few hours, so we can get your shirts in before we post the winner... Print Print Print

Gary on the Apple Site!

Check out a random still of Gary on the Apple site. The image was taken from a Vans pod cast and like any big company that knows nothing about BMX, they chose to use the photo in the worst possible position... If you know anything, you can tell Gary's about to do an alley-oop turndown, but none the less, it's pretty rad Gary's on the Apple site! Check Gary out here. (Scroll down and click on the sixth photo in the tumbnails on the right)

Bibi Busted!

  Yo dudes. The trail still wet.... It's freezing here.... No crazy sun... Take care Bibi Click to see what Bibi's really been up to.  So what's with all these new photos of you surfing that we found on your Facebook page? Doesn't look like it's freezing or raining. Are you holding out on us? Are the trails wet or is your surfboard wet?

Lewis Knowles Photos

Lewis Knowles sent over a bunch of photos. Check em out after the jump - All photos by NBS Photography

Ali can park

ii9o1670.jpg ii9o1671.jpg ii9o1672.jpg I have hundreds of photos from our England/France trip, but I've just be so busy that I haven't had a chance to post them yet, but while I was going through them today, I came across these photos of Ali and had to post them. We had just arrived in Paris and were trying to find a parking spot outside of the Cream office. I didn't watch Ali park, so I don't know how hard he hit the cars in front and behind him or if he even just picked the van up and put it in that spot, but this has to be one of the craziest parking jobs I have ever seen. Regardless if he bumped the cars, this is just nuts! No matter what it is, Ali never ceases to amaze me!


travis-and-harrison-1-of-1.jpg On Saturday morning Travis Collier and I headed down to Bellingham, Chris Martindale headed up from Seattle and we met up Andrew McMullen. We were going to ride for the day and then go see the Roots that night. Andrew's lived in Bellingham for a while, but we haven't really spent much time riding around there. We pretty much just rode the campus all day, but we had a blast and rode some fun stuff. The Roots show was at the college, so after a little pre-funk and some food we headed back and went to see them. The show was amazing, but there were way to many stupid college kids that had no idea who the Roots were. They were just there to hang out with their friends... Not cool... So while we were there, we see this flyer for a DJ gig that ?uestlove (the drummer for the Roots) was going to do at some dive bar. We were psyched and headed there after the show. It was a super crazy scene, with all these hicks and people that have no idea who the Roots were. We were sure it was a joke and he wasn't going to show up, but after an hour of dumb ass girls dancing on the bar to Puff Daddy, ?uestlove walks in. He DJed for about 30 minutes and the dance floor had a few people on it getting down, but then all of a sudden three dudes from the Roots show up and start dancing with all these random fat girls... It was so dope. After they showed up, everyone started getting down and it turned into a pretty fun scene. Andrew and Chris shot a bunch of photos, so check em out after the jump. bumb-in-bellingham-1-of-1.jpg bike-riding-1-of-1.jpg chris-1-of-1.jpg harrison-1-of-1.jpg harrison-shot-1-of-1.jpg travis-1-of-1.jpg l1020191.jpg harrison-sunset-run-1-of-1.jpg harrison-and-travis-1-of-1.jpg sunset-bellingham-1-of-1.jpg l1020193.jpg l1020192.jpg l1020196.jpg girl-dancing-on-bar-2-1-of-1.jpg l1020200.jpg qeustlove-1-of-1.jpg l1020202.jpg

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ii9o9334.jpg Qualifying went down on Saturday an we pretty much spend the whole day at the arena watching the 23 groups of 4 or 5 riders put in their time. The details are a bit foggy due to the fact that we just got back from finals, but Kym and Gary both how to win back your hsband, get back your ex.
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what to do when you want to get your ex boyfriend back made it in finals. Kym qualified 12th and Gary 4th. Those guys both got some rad stuff done, but they definitely held a bit back for finals. I'll post tomorrow with all the photos from today, but Gary finished 2nd and Kym 7th. They both rode amazing in finals and had a blast. Check out some photos from the day after the jump. ii9o9338.jpg ii9o9354.jpg ii9o9356.jpg ii9o9363.jpg ii9o9367.jpg l1030495.jpg

Estonia Day 3 – Practice

ii9o9212.jpg We pretty much chilled all day today. We walked around Old Town again for a few hours, went to the mall for a bit, and ate food at a nice spot Kym went to before everyone else got here. Practice was in the evening, so we all pack in these two huge buses and drove to the stadium. The buses were soooo packed and I was sure i was going to get impaled by a pile of bikes. Practice was pretty fun, but super hectic. Lots of kids riding and some good stuff went down. I got some clips of Kym and Gary we all had a good time. We went out again and had a great time. The vibes were good and we don't have anything to do in the morning, so everyone is psyched. Check out a few photos from the day after the jump. ii9o9220.jpg ii9o9263.jpg ii9o9294.jpg ii9o9313.jpg l1030487.jpg l1030485.jpg