John Manaras in ‘Forget About It’

Our Greek connection, John Manaras, and the Bogiatiland crew just finished and premiere their new video, ‘Forget About It’, last week. John’s been killin’ it this past season and this edit gives you an idea of what to expect from his part in ‘Any Means Necessary,’ coming soon. Thanks to the dudes at TCU for dropping this one for us. Filmed and edited by Anas Mansour.

Adam Piatek – Leftover Park Mix

Young Gun Adam Piatek has been recovering from a broken collar bone the last bit but is already out and shredding in the Vancouver area. He was sitting on a stack of park clips that didn’t make the cut for his part in our upcoming team video, ‘Any Means Necessary,’ so we put them together in this quick mix. Press play and watch out for his full part in ‘Any Means Necessary,’ coming soon!

Filmed by Pawel Podgorny, Owen Dawson, Zach Rampen. Edited by Zach Rampen.

Brandon Webster on Texas Concrete

Brandon Webster was down in Austin, Texas recently to finish up filming for his part in ‘Any Means Necessary’ with Charlie Crumlish. Brandon reportedly threw down some wild shit while he was there and even managed to put together this exclusive park edit for The Come Up. Press play and watch Brandon get down on some Texas concrete and watch out for his part in ‘Any Means Necessary,’ it’s gonna be nuts!

Re-up: Greg Flag Bike Check

This is guaranteed to still make you chuckle, even if you’ve seen it a couple times, and is sure to make you laugh out loud if you’ve never seen it. Greg Flag is one-in-a-million.

Amos Franke Street/Park Mix

We started hooking up our west coast flow dude and all around shredder, Amos Franke, with some goods late last year and since then he’s been stacking clips and shooting photos like mad. He got together with Zach Rampen and they whipped up this great edit as a MacNeil/Embassy collab. Tons of solid street and park clips in this one, keep an eye on this dude!

Filmed and edited by Zach Rampen.
Music: Wu-Tang Clan – Lyrical Swords (ft. GZA & Rass Kass)
Thumbnail photo by Brandon Van Dulken

Adam Piatek – Street/Park Mix

‘Young Gun’ Adam Piatek has been busy stacking a ton of clips for our upcoming DVD and in the meantime had some stuff to put toward a few edits. Here’s his first of 2014 featuring a mix of street and park clips filmed around the Vancouver area.

Filmed by: Paweł Podgorny
Edited by: Adam Piatek
Music: Outkast – Player’s Ball

New Chris Silva Fire!

Chris Silva had a jam packed 2013. The dude was all over the place and was stacking clips like a squirrel stashing nuts before winter! On top of finishing his entire DVD part, Silva also managed to get enough clips together for some web edits and this Ten Pack edit is the first of those. Press play and watch out for more Silva goodness soon!

Sergey Fall – Fall 2013

While Ukraine is under all kind of political turmoil and protest, Sergey Gal is out filming at every spot he can find. He put together this edit for Kings Bikes and it goes hard. Check it out.

Network Hubs: One Hot Product

Ride BMX profiled our Network hubs a bit ago in one of their ‘One Hot Product’ videos and we just added that video to our Vimeo channel. Check out the video for a verbal run-down on the hubs from Darcy and be sure to check out the flipbook we put together for the hubs as well. Get your shit rollin’ right with a set of Network hubs!

Chris Silva Throwback Warehouse Edit

It’s no secret that Chris Silva is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to riding, but this edit from 2009 that he recently re-posted is a great reminder of how he can absolutely murder any ramp setup he rides. This is from a few sessions at the now defunct Warehouse indoor park in Toronto. Even by today’s standards, this edit is pretty crazy. Press play!