Farewell Andrew Lazaruk

Andrew Lazaruk has been riding for MacNeil for years, long before he was officially moved to the pro team. We've all enjoyed riding and partying with him at home and on the road. It's always fun when Laser's around so we want thank him for the good times and all of his help along the way. Best of luck in the future Lazerdick. See you at the trails. Thanks a ton to everyone at MacNeil! It's been an awesome time, from the trips to just just getting to meet and hang out with everybody involved. Definitely made some memories that will last a life time over the past couple years. I'm honored I had the chance to ride for and represent Canada's only BMX company. All good things have to end though, so I'm excited for whatever may come next. Thanks again, best of luck in the future! - Andrew Lazaruk

Andrew Lazaruk Bike Check

Lazer just built up a new bright red bike with some prototype parts that won't be out for a few more months, so we thought we'd do a quick bike check with him. Check out some more details and parts list after the jump. Frame: Loden 21" V3 prototype Forks: Blazer Bars: Tabarnak 9" prototype Stem: Top Shelf sprocket: Light 30t Cranks: Connect prototype Pedals: Slipnot Brakes/cable: Demolition Rims: Dubs front and rear Hub: Primary cassette rear and Blazer front Tires: Demolition Machete front and rear Seat: SL Pivotal Prototpye 9" Tabarnak bars. Prototype Connect cranks. 22mm splined spindle and investment cast pedal and spindle bosses. 21" Loden V3 frame. Some minor tweaks like a Mid BB and a slightly longer backend. Look for the Loden V3, 9" Tabarnak bars and new Connect cranks in stores by early 2013!

Lazer @ Heath Pinter’s Backyard Jam

Check out Lazer in this Network A episode about the trail jam at Heath Pinter's backyard that he was down at a few weeks back. There's some really great overhead shots of the trails filmed with a helicopter camera that make this video worthwhile, not to mention Andrew's charming personality in the interviews.

Andrew Lazaruk – Cali/Texas Update

Lazer just came back from a two week trip to California and Texas. He was down in California for a Hart & Huntington dirt event at Heath's yard, and made it to Austin for this year's Texas Toast. Check out his full update and photos after the jump. Went down to California before Texas Toast to ride and hang out for a week. Hart & Huntington were throwing a jam/party in Heath Pinter's backyard so they flew me down for that. The jam is going to be on an episode of their internet show on Network A for Youtube, and should be up relatively soonish. They rented lights and lit the whole yard up so we could have a night time session. It was a super good time! After riding under the lights for a couple hours it was drinkin' time. PBR supplied beer and there was a lot of it, everyone who wasnt riding had been drinking all afternoon, and when we were done riding we all tried to catch up. The beer bong came in handy for that. Was an awesome night! After that just spent the rest of that week riding/hanging out with my friends down in Cali. I already miss it. I got to Austin a couple days before Texas Toast started. Once i got my bike together there, I pedalled over to House Skatepark, where everyone who was there for the contest seemed to be. I don't think I have ever seen so many riders in a non-contest place at once. The park stayed that busy the whole time I was there too. It was still a fun, although really hectic session. After riding, it was the first night of partying. Went for food then to the local BMX bar, Shakespeare's. Which everyone ened up at the next 3 nights as well. The place is awesome. Texas Toast itself was rad! It seemed like everyone in BMX was there. Riding practice was crazy. I rode in dirt and I think something like 70 people were entered. The course was fun but with that many people there was a legitimate half hour line you had to wait in between taking runs. After the finals on Sunday there was a premier of the secret Brian Foster documentary at the after party. He didn't even know about it, so it was rad getting to see his reaction along with everyone else's. Monday I was actually lucky enough to go ride trails with BF himself, super stoked about that! Got a chance to go to the Eastside trails. That place is seriously incredible. A ton of people were still in town so the session there was huge and pretty much every BMX dirt jump/trail riding legend was there. Super big thanks to Clint, Matty, Nutter and all the other eastside locals for having everyone at their spot. It was what is going to be one of my most memorable riding sessions for a long time! Thanks again to Macneil and Hart & Huntington for an amazing 2 week trip! - Andrew Lazaruk Beer bong. Texas Toast 'dirt' course. Texas Toast street course. Gauntlet of Death. Morgan Wade going over the tire wheel while Lazer spins inside it. A Lazerdick fan had this sign in the crowd. Don't be 'that guy' who drops his slice of pizza as soon as he gets it.

Wednesday Watching

If you're looking for some mid-week web videos then look no further. We have three different team riders with clips in three different web videos today. Check out Vinnie Mayne, Lazer, and Jeff Kocsis in videos below! Vinnie has some great clips in this edit that Mike King put together for Seventies Distribution from the Vans Rebel Jam contest in Spain recently. Lazer has had a bunch of photos in the last week on Northern Embassy, but they just released a web video from the Montana road trip that he was on earlier this summer. Lastly, you can find Lil' Jeff clips throughout Scerbo's newest Skapegoat video. All of these should keep you occupied for a while, and fired up to go ride your own bike.

Lazer in Montana by Jordan Hango

Lazerdick has some photos in a gallery from the Montana trip he took back in July shot by Jordan Hango on Northern Embassy. Check out the gallery here.

Andrew Lazaruk Cali Edit

Lazer spent his winter and spring down in California soaking up constant sun, and spending his time riding trails, skateparks, and going on street missions. Check out his video from his time down there. Filmed and edited by Andrew Harrington.

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