Chris Silva – Animal Bike Check


Chris Silva has a new bike check up on the Animal site right now with his Borato V3. Not much has changed since the last one we did with him in the summer, but go give it a look here and take a close look at his prototype axle nuts. You can re-watch the video bike check we did with him in September here too.


Chris Silva Animal Edit

Silva opened up his vault of footage and pulled out this new edit for Animal Bikes. Whips, wallrides, bonks, barspins, pegless rails, and more that you’ve come to expect with the pegless don. Don’t skip this one.

Silva – Pegless Rail Feeble


Animal just posted a couple snaps of Silva with a couple next level pegless rail moves shot by Colin Field. Peep more here.

Jeff Kocsis in The Price Is Wrong

If you haven’t watched Animal‘s new video The Price Is Wrong, then you are probably blowing it. Jeff Kocsis throws down with an awesome first section and great footage throughout, as well as their whole team. They are giving this thing away to everyone FOR FREE. Animal may be our friends, but it’s always important to stress that you should support real companies taking action to give back to BMX in large ways. Real recognize real. Also here’s a photo of Jeff laying down for a snoozer some time last year at the MCNLBC house.

Photo by Jeremy Pavia.

Chris Silva – QSS #3 Canada

Animal posted their ‘Canada’ section from their QSS #3 video, and some of the footage might be a couple years old by now, but Silva comes through with a few banging rail clips at the 0:30 mark with some wild hair too.

Jeff Kocsis in Animal QSS 3

Here is Jeff’s full section from Animal’s QSS 3 video Foreign and Domestic, that was released in the fall. Jeff killed it all over for this part. QSS 4 just came out, and him and Silva both have a bunch of clips in it from a trip they took from New Jersey to Ohio, so make sure you go buy that too. In other Jeff news, he just got the bump to the Almond pro team, so congratulations are in order. He’s dealing with some ankle difficulties right now, but don’t expect that to slow him down much and look for a lot of great things with Jeff in 2013.