Antonie Nau’s 2014 Year End Edit

Antoine Nau does it for us over in France with the help of Unleaded and dude goes hard. Peep his 2014 year end edit and be sure to check out his clips in ‘Any Means Necessary’ which is showing up worldwide as we speak for FREE! And if you’re in France, get out to Unleaded to get everything you need MacNeil related, those dudes hold it down!

Quick Clips from Antoine Nau

Check out a few quick, chill park clips from our dude Antoine Nau out in France. Shout out to Pef and everyone at Unleaded for everything they do for us over there.

Antoine Nau Varsity Bike Check


Antoine Nau recently built up a new Varsity frame and MacNeil kit, courtesy of the guys at Unleaded BMX in France. They sent us a few photos of his très bien new bike that you can check out after the jump. If you are in Europe and looking for MacNeil products this holiday season, don’t forget some of the Christmas deals they have going on.

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Antoine Nau Has Got Soul


Soul BMX Magazine has a portfolio up from Simon Cassol and our French connect Antoin Nau has this great barspin to fakie shot. Check out the rest of the gallery here.

Welcome To Antoine Nau – Unleaded BMX

We are psyched to welcome Antoine Nau to our international team, who will be riding for us in France through our friends and distributor Unleaded BMX. Most of this video was filmed in Toulouse, FR. You can look for a bike check with Antoine coming soon. Big thanks to Florent Ferrarri for filming and editing.

Speaking of France, Unleaded are loaded with our new goods. If you are on that side of the world, hit them up to get all the newest MacNeil goods!