Chris Silva’s ‘Any Means Necessary’ Bails

Chris Silva’s part in ‘Any Means Necessary’ was unreal and the dude put himself through the paces to pull it all together. Watch Silva eat shit repeatedly and wait for his part from the video to drop online soon!

‘Any Means Necessary’ Review on BMX Union


BMX Union has a review of our new team video, ‘Any Means Necessary,’ up on the site. Go check it out here and go hit up your local shop to get your hands on a FREE copy now! Big thanks to Kurt for the kind words!

Any Means Necessary New York Screening


Ed Pollio and the crew at 5050 Skatepark down in Staten Island, NY are hooking up a screening of ‘Any Means Necessary’ on Sunday, February 15. The video is set to play at 9PM and it’s an all ages, all sports affair for only $10 from 7PM – 10PM. Greg Henry and some of the BMXFU dudes will be on hand as well and you’ll be able to get yourself a FREE copy if you don’t already have one. Get out there and have some fun!

Chris Silva’s ‘Any Means Necessary’ Outtakes and Teasers

Silva put in serious work for his part in ‘Any Means Necessary,’ an unreal amount of work, actually. So much time spent searching for spots over the years paid off huge. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Get out to your local shop and get your FREE copy of ‘Any Means Necessary’ to see all of Silva’s part and be ready for your face to melt.
Song: Jefferson Airplane- Embryonic Journey

Film: Charlie Crumlish, Chijioke Okafo, Peter Dai, Tony Neyer, George Carijutan, Chris Cadot, Aaron Jack, Chase Davidson.

Edit: Peter Almeida

‘Any Means Necessary’ Montreal Screening


Some of the crew (Jack Leonard, Chijioke Okafo, Greg Henry, Gabe Traux) will be on-hand tomorrow night at the 514 BMX ‘King of Taz’ contest at Le Taz in Montreal to screen ‘Any Means Necessary’ for everyone there. We’ll be showing the video at 9PM before the contest starts and there will be free copies for everyone. See ya then!

The Making of ‘Any Means Necessary’

Northern Embassy put together a good Q&A with Zach Rampen, the man largely responsible for what you’re going to see when you check out our new team video, ‘Any Means Necessary.’ Zach logged a ton of time behind the lens and behind the computer putting this thing together and this interview gives you a good bit of insight into the process. Go check it out here and if you’re in the Toronto area tomorrow, come out to 3Ride at 3PM to check out the video with some of the team!


‘Any Means Necessary’ Toronto Showings


Our new team video, Any Means Necessary, is starting to show up in shops worldwide and we’re gonna be hosting some viewings of it starting in the new year. Come out to 3Ride Toronto on Saturday, January 3 @ 3PM to check out the video with a bunch of the team. There’ll be some free swag and a copy of the video for everyone! We’ll also have a 19+ showing that night downtown at a venue TBA for some adult beverages. Everyone busted their asses on this one so come and check it out!

Brandon Webster on Texas Concrete

Brandon Webster was down in Austin, Texas recently to finish up filming for his part in ‘Any Means Necessary’ with Charlie Crumlish. Brandon reportedly threw down some wild shit while he was there and even managed to put together this exclusive park edit for The Come Up. Press play and watch Brandon get down on some Texas concrete and watch out for his part in ‘Any Means Necessary,’ it’s gonna be nuts!

‘Any Means Necessary’ Trailer

Here it is, the official trailer for our upcoming team video, ‘Any Means Necessary.’ Thanks to Adam22 for premiering it exclusively on The Come Up. All of the dudes have been putting in a ton of work for this video so be sure to check it out when it drops. It’s going to be available for free real soon, stay tuned!

Any Means Necessary Trailer Dropping Monday


The trailer for our upcoming team video, ‘Any Means Necessary,’ is set to drop this Monday, April 14, on The Come Up. Expect to see clips for everyone on the team including Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Sam Lowe, Chris Silva, Chijioke Okafo, Greg Henry, Jaumell Campbell, Jack Leonard, Adam Piatek, John Manaras, Justin Hughes, Nathan Hines, George Bolter, Alexi Barau, Amos Franke, and Fabian Dulong. Get stoked!

Chris Silva by Gutstains


When Chris Silva was down in Austin last year he hit up one of the newest ditches the city has to offer and laid down this wild wallride over the channel that people have been calling out since the ditch was discovered. In the words of the photographer, Tristan ‘Gutstains’ Afre, “if you were lucky enough to go to this spot or have seen footage in videos, you might realize how insane this channel gap is. You’ll have to wait for the footage to surface to see how Chris Silva got the speed for it though. Definitely one of the most awesome things I saw go down in 2013.”

Check out this photo and more by Guts in his Autophoto that’s up on Defgrip right now by clicking here and wait to see the clip in Silva’s video section!

John Manaras – Clippin’ Up


Our Greek connection, John Manaras, has been clipping up hard for his part in our upcoming video project. He sent over this burly oppo pegs clip shot by Anas Mansour. Keep an eye out for his part in the video and stay tuned for more news on the project as it develops!