Sonny Navaro’s Bibi


Sonny Navaro sent in this photo of MacNeil Bibi. Definition of mid-school right here.

Bibi Bike Check



Bibi just sent over a link to a bike check that he has on the Peynier Trails website. He put together a new black Bibi with green parts and it looks dope! There’s some good shots of his bike as well as a couple rad riding photos.

Check Bibi out here!

Kill The Line

Here’s an edit from the contest Bibi help put on at his trails!


Bibi put together an amazing video to promote the contest they are throwing at the Peynier trails. The jumps look like so much fun and it’s really cool to see from helmet-cam view!! He also recently got a bike check on Fat BMX… Check it out here!

Picture 1

Bibi’s Team Page


Just posted Bibi’s team page. Check it out!

Bibi’s New Bike


Bibi’s been riding one of his frame samples and just sent over some pics. This frame was at interbike and will be out for Spring. There are a bunch of updates from his current frame as well as new colors and graphics. We’ll post all the official spec in a bit, but for now enjoy some purple frame action.

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Bibi Photo

Bibi just sent over this rad photo of him at the trails. He said it’s been raining a bunch, but they’ve been able to get their smaller line going. Bibi’s new frame is coming and we’ll have photos and info very soon!