25 Questions with Kevin Kiraly @ BMX Union

TTL_91-1 Jeremy Pavia's TTL column on BMX Union this week is all about Kevin Kiraly. He has a 25 question conversation with Kevin where they talk about his winning section in The Hunt, contests, filming, internet and DVD parts, switch and opposite tricks, and more. Check that all out here. TTL_91-3

Chris Silva’s Borato V3 Bike Check @ BMX Union

IMG_0302_600x Chris Silva recently built up a whole new bike, starting with a Borato V3 frame. If you know Chris then you know that he's very particular of what he rides. BMX Union has an in depth look at his new bike, and he answers some questions about what he's been up to and filming for our new DVD, that he's been hard at work on already. You can check out the full feature here.

Jeff Kocsis Interview @ BMX Union

jeff_kocsis_01_macneil Jeff has a great interview right now over on BMXUnion. Take 5 to 10 minutes out of your day to hear the perspective of one of the hardest working and humble riders in the game. From representing a handful of great brands, traveling, working at his family's bike shop, tiling, and any other manual labour that comes his way, Jeff always keeps a level head on his shoulders and we couldn't be more psyched to have him as part of the MacNeil family. Read the interview here.

Through The Lens: 2012 Gallery by Jeremy Pavia

Throughout 2012 the team spent a lot of time shooting photos with Jeremy Pavia. Between our Long Beach house and other trips, Pavia was always around shooting with the guys for different magazines and projects. For this week's Through The Lens gallery on BMX Union he put up a year end review gallery of some of his favourites, and of course there is heavy MacNeil representation. Check out a few more shots with the guys after the jump and check out the whole gallery here.

BMX Union: Firsts With Mike King

Mike King news again. This time he's got an interview by Mark Noble over on BMX Union about his history with filming and a number of his FIRSTS. Go give it a read here.

Kevin Kiraly Interview + Bike Check @ BMX Union

Head over to BMX Union for an in depth bike check and interview with Kevin and his prototype Varsity bike. Jeremy Pavia shot some great sequences for it, and caught up with Kevin on his new bike, new shoe sponsor, filming, and everything else he has going on. Read the interview here and make sure you catch the bike check here.

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