Terry Carson’s Calico V2


Terry Carson, proprietor of Wheelies BMX Shop, sent in a photo of his new Calico V2 with CKS forks, Tabarnak bars, Top Notch V2 stem, Network wheels, and a lot more. Proof that even an old guy can ride a new school setup.

Big and Tall, Frames For All



Whether you’re big or tall, we’ve got frames for all. Both our Calico V2 and Deuce V5 frames are out and perfect for riders looking for a big ride.

The Calico V2 comes in a 21.5″ top tube only with an ultra short 13.2″ rear end, fast 75 degree head tube angle, big 9″ standover height, longer 130mm headtube to increase stem height, along with an externally machine Mid BB, removable brake mounts, clearance for large tires, and dome capped stays. You can find the Calico V2 available wherever MacNeil products are sold.

The Deuce V5 is the latest incarnation of our extremely popular Deuce Deuce frame, made famous for its 22″ top tube. This is the biggest frame we make, with a 14″ backend, top and down tube gussets, 8.7″ standover height, 74.5 degree head tube angle, seat stay wishbone, removable brake mounts and gyro tabs, and more. If you’re a big rider looking for the best frame proportionate to you, hit up your local MacNeil dealer to get on one of these frames today!

In Stock Now: Calico V2


In stock with our recent wave of new frames is our Calico V2. This frame is built for all the tall folks that still want a quick and responsive bike. For this year we kept the proven specs the same, but added a MID BB. With a 21.5″ top tube, 8.9″ standover, an extra tall 130mm headtube at 75° degrees, and a short 13.2″ rear end this bike is built tall and strong, but quick with a lot of pop. Couple that with dome capped chain and seat stays, Fly style removable brake mounts, and a backend with clearance for wide tires, this frame has what you need. Hit the product page for more details and photos and hit up your my favourite MacNeil dealer to get your hands on one.

New Frames In Stock!


We just got a drop of all our new frames including Kevin Kiraly’s highly anticipated signature Varsity frame. It features a choice of 20.75″ or 21″ top tube, 13.2″ rear end (slammed), 8.65″ standover height, 11.75″ BB height, 75° head tube angle, 71° seat tube angle, Mid bottom bracket, and stamped top and down tube gussets. It also features a very unique paint job that starts at a matte finish and fades in to a high gloss paint in seafoam green, purple or black. Check out more photos and info on it here, and go check out the flip book we made and re-watch Kevin’s banging promo video while you’re at it too.

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