Chris Silva MCNLBC Remix Video

Chris Silva produced a ton of great stuff while he was down at our Long Beach house last year and his resulting edit got a ton of views. Unfortunately, using a Beatles track for it ruffled some feathers and it was recently taken down (from our Vimeo channel) so we decided to put together a remix edit. Press play and watch Silva rip some pegless moves all over the LBC again.

Filmed by Sean Cooke
Edited by Zach Rampen
Music: The Third Bardo – Lose Your Mind

The Lost Roll – George Bolter’s California Photos

R.I.P. MacNeil Astrovan

George Bolter sent over these photos from a roll of film he found that he had shot last year during his stay at the #MCNLBC house we had in Long Beach, California. Here’s what he had to say:

While on my trip over to the Long Beach house last year I shot a roll of film on my $20 Holga camera and totally forgot about it until last week! I found the roll while cleaning out my room and got it developed. Only a bit of the 24 photos came out. I’m a little bummed on that but still stoked since this reminds me of a rad 2 weeks on Cali!

Check out more of his photos below after the jump, and you can re-watch all of the edits from our time in California last year too.

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Remember Last Year…

When we rented a house in Long Beach? Crazy that it was that long ago. It feels like just the other week the whole team was soaking up the sun in California and driving the van (R.I.P.) from spot to spot. Reminisce with our MCNLBC edits (1 & 2), plus Silva and Dillon’s below after the jump. #MCNLBC

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Dillon – The Come Up Trip

Dillon has been out in California and Arizona on the first trip as part of the newly formed Come Up Team for a little while. Adam just posted this short clip of Dill doing a casual barspin to manual down a ledge and they just dropped a little more information about this new team on their site here. Check out a few more photos from the Instagram account of @onsomeshit after the jump, and look for some more info and video from The Come Up soon.

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Dill just left his home in Montreal yesterday for a trip out to California for some fun and sun. If you see him out there say hi!

Lazer in California

Sunset turndown.

Our Long Beach house might be over, but that hasn’t stopped Lazer from continuing to hang out in California riding trails, and enjoying empty skateparks and the sunsets. Check out a couple more of his recent photos after the jump.

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California In December

Jay, Travis Collier, Chris Martindale, and I headed down to L.A. to check out the Nike Lightning Bolts art show, hang out with Gary Young, and do some riding. The trip was awesome and It’s always rad to chill with our friends in California. The trip started with Jay and I driving down to Seattle to meet up with Chris Martindale, we got a cheep flight out of Seattle, so Travis met up with us later in the night after taking the train down…

The first day in LA was the Nike Lightning Bolts show and we had a blast. The show was rad and Travis and I had plates in it. The next day, we rode some street and had a night session at the Santa Monica park. On Friday, we headed down to San Diego to ride with Gary. It took us a bit to get down, but we had a lot of fun with Gary. Saturday, we were back in LA, where I hosted an art class with Nike, then we hit a birthday party for Jim Bauer and Mike Ardeleans friend. After an hour and a half sleep, we were up and on a plane back to Seattle.

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Ali in Cali

Ali sent over a bunch of photos from his trip to Cali where he messed up his shoulder. Check out what he had to say about his trip.

So, I went to Cali to go on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit and hang out and ride some dirt jumps and what ever else Cali has to offer. I spent the first few days in Corona. I rode Nasty’s old jumps that Parslow now runs and I shot some photos with Fudger, so keep an eye out for those! After that I went on Fuel TV which will air Dec 4th. Then the fires started and the winds picked up, so we pinned it 5 hours to Mammoth Mountain to snowboard… First run, I crashed and  separated my ac joint… Came back to Corona and chilled the last few days with Murray. We went and watched the new bond movie which is crazy good! Stay strong…

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Jay and I just got back from a few days in California. We spent most of our time in LA, but we headed down to Dennis Enarson’s place on Saturday for a nice BBQ and a small jam. His ramps are dope and we had a blast. In LA we pretty much just hung out with our friends and showed the cruiser around a bit. Highlights were getting to hang out with Gary for a bit, chilling with Nasty and Adam Aloise, riding the DVS rams (thanks Mark!), watching Gary and Dennis ride Dennis’ ramps, and just getting out of the rain in Vancouver. Can’t complain about 80 degree weather in November!

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