Chris Silva’s ‘Any Means Necessary’ Outtakes and Teasers

Silva put in serious work for his part in 'Any Means Necessary,' an unreal amount of work, actually. So much time spent searching for spots over the years paid off huge. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Get out to your local shop and get your FREE copy of 'Any Means Necessary' to see all of Silva's part and be ready for your face to melt. Song: Jefferson Airplane- Embryonic Journey Film: Charlie Crumlish, Chijioke Okafo, Peter Dai, Tony Neyer, George Carijutan, Chris Cadot, Aaron Jack, Chase Davidson. Edit: Peter Almeida

Chris Silva’s Setup on Northern Embassy

silvasetup The dudes at Northern Embassy did a quick 'Setups' interview with Chris Silva that you should go check out. As you can tell from the photo, Silva's filming setup is pretty elaborate so it's in your best interest to go read the interview here to really get some insight into it. Also, if you haven't checked it out yet, peep Chris' part in the most recent ICC video, 'Five to Ten,' and get pumped for his section in 'Any Means Necessary.' Shit is real.

Chris Silva’s Fresh Borato V3

1 Chris Silva recently built up a fresh new Borato V3 and man does it look good. The raw frame, fork, and bar look tight with some subtle red and white bits. Check out a few more photos after the jump, including a close up of Silva's nuts, and shout out to Chase Davidson for the dope shots! 2 CKS forks. 3 Silva's signature nuts from Animal ready to hit the streets. 4 Connect cranks. 5   Tabarnak bars.  

Chris Silva in Harvester Street Jam Edit

Chris Silva has some dope clips in this edit from the Harvester Bikes street jam that went down a bit ago in the Toronto area along with a ton of locals. Check it out!

Silva and Some Bumps

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.20.11 PM Chase Davidson snapped a few pics of our dude Chris Silva jibbin' around on a big ol' bump a bit ago. Check 'em out! Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.20.22 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.20.36 PM

Chris Silva for Animal

The dudes at Animal dropped this edit with Ride the other day of Chris Silva doing what he does best: killing spots all over the place with a style all his own. Check it out!

Chris Silva at 3Ride Toronto

Chris Silva hit up the 3Ride Toronto backyard ramp and put a serious hurt on it a bit ago with good pal Steven Moxley. Press play and watch the madness!

Chris Silva Interview on the Animal Bikes Site

SILVA_WLLRDE Chris Silva has a 'What's Good?' interview up on the Animal site where he talks about his signature axle nuts, his trip down to NJ, and a bunch of other stuff. There's also some great shots from Rob Dolecki in there, too. Go check it out on their site here.

ICC Video Premiere Tomorrow

ICC If you're in the Toronto area tomorrow, be sure to hit up the ICC video premiere going down at the infamous Dufferin Grove skatepark. Our dude Chris Silva and the rest of the ICC crew have been putting in work in front of and behind the lens on this for a bit so it should be pretty dope. Get out there to ride and hang out with the dudes and catch the video!

Chris Silva’s NY/NJ Travel Diary

27 Chris Silva just got back from a solid trip down through the States with the Animal dudes and sent over a ton of photos for a little travel diary update. Check out a stack of pics and words from his travels after the jump and keep an eye open for some new Silva goodness soon! 1 Wating to board in Toronto. 2 Getting on the plane the fun way. 3 Picked up at the Newark, NJ airport on a rainy night. 4 Driving down to Johnson, Tennessee for a shop stop. 5 Weekend hotel. 6 Shop stop at Angry Penguin. 7 Front of the shop. 8 Parking lot jam. 9 Autograph session. 10 At Hooters for dinner. Worst meal and beer of the trip. 11 Night out. 12 This bar was like a carnival inside. Most random people from old to young, tall to small. Weirdest scene ever. 13 Packin' up. 14 Van life. 15 Finally made it to Clifton. 16

Jeff's place in Wayne, NJ with a funny RedBull sign when you walk in.

17 Message in a bottle. 18 Lunch at Jeff's friend's house and some magic beer. 19 Mike's backyard ramp. 20 Animal warehouse. 21 DIY spot. 22 Inside The Bike Shop. Clifton, NJ. 23 The Bike Shop. 24 Joe Tiseo bank. Had to get him back on the bank barspinning. RIP. 25 Walk through Central Park, getting some tourist stuff done for a day. 26 Seinfeld diner. 27 Inside the Seinfeld diner...nothing like the show. 28 Taking a taxi back through Manhattan. 29 Times Square is crazy as hell. 30 Pool session. This was the riding highlight of my trip. 31 Old warehouse with some crazy shit to ride inside. 32 Street session in Brooklyn. 33 Castle on the side of a cliff. 34 View of the city from the top of the cliff.

South of the Border with Chris Silva

photo Chris Silva's been down in the States for the last bit touring around with the Animal crew and shredding some Jersey spots. Powermower tap on a DIY set up, shot by Corey Kuhling. Watch out for a travel diary post once he gets back.

Long Weekend Stay-cation Pics

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="625"]chi_uprail_boost Chijioke, up rail to boost.[/caption] This past weekend was a blast even though the weather wasn't too sure what exactly it was doing. The grand opening jam at 3Ride's new Toronto location was so much fun; everyone shredded the backyard ramps, hung out, ate some BBQ and got a bit swirly. Thanks so much to Ty and everyone at 3Ride for putting it all together! Chijioke was in kill-mode for the rest of the weekend putting some finishing touches on his welcome edit and Jack Leonard got some dope clips as well. Check out some more photos after the jump! webster_fakie_bar Brandon Webster, boosted fakie bar. crew silva_candyjam Chris Silva with one of the wildest footjam variations ever, the candy jam. Shit is seriously so crazy. jack_burger Jack Leonard, burger break. silva_jack_webster chi_lookback Chijioke dustin' off some ramp tricks. chi_pegs_blue_rail Randomly came across this rail on the way to another spot and Chi banged up a dope clip on it. chi_weeno A little celebratory chardonnay courtesy of Captain Cadot for Chi at Uprail School. jack_bike_hop Jack Leonard, bike hop to start a line. chi_rail_test Chi testing out the dangle factor before going in.