Antoine Nau Varsity Bike Check


Antoine Nau recently built up a new Varsity frame and MacNeil kit, courtesy of the guys at Unleaded BMX in France. They sent us a few photos of his très bien new bike that you can check out after the jump. If you are in Europe and looking for MacNeil products this holiday season, don’t forget some of the Christmas deals they have going on.

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Crazy Christmas Deals @ Unleaded!

macneil pack varsity black 800

Unleaded BMX in France have some great holiday sales going on right now. For a limited time they have this amazing kit with a black Varsity frame, black CKS forks, and black 9″ Tabarnak bars on sale, or the same bundle but with chrome forks and bars. If you’re in France, or anywhere in the EU, hit them up for your Christmas wish list and save big!

CKS Forks Back In Stock!


CKS forks have been sold out just about everywhere for a minute, but they are back in stock now. Hit up your your favourite MacNeil dealer to get yourself a set. We made a limited amount of them in Varsity colours so you better act fast. In case you missed it, check out our product explanation where we explain the difference and reason we use a dome capping on our forks.

Chris Silva Video Bike Check

Chris Silva is a man of few words, and very particular about what he runs on his bike. While he was out in Vancouver we forced him to run through his bike in between filming some clips. Take a quick run through his Borato V3 with a few prototype pieces, and catch some riding and pegless rail action.
Filmed and edited by Zach Rampen.

Sam Lowe Bike Check On RideBMX


Same Lowe has a bike check over on RideBMX right now with his Borato V3. The photos were shot earlier in the spring on our Mexico trip, but Sam knows what he likes to ride and you won’t see too much change on his bike over time. Make sure you read the answers to his questions and you’ll get the scoop on a product are working on with him, and an embarrassing Darcy story too. You can find the bike check here.

Terry Carson’s Calico V2


Terry Carson, proprietor of Wheelies BMX Shop, sent in a photo of his new Calico V2 with CKS forks, Tabarnak bars, Top Notch V2 stem, Network wheels, and a lot more. Proof that even an old guy can ride a new school setup.

Products Explained: The Domed Difference


Dome capping has been used for a few years on our popular Blazer and CKS forks, as well as on our Loden and Calico frames. We realized that some riders might not be the most familiar with this style of dropout and why we chose to use this unique shape/process, so we thought we’d get our product designer Darcy Saccucci to explain it

There seems to be some confusion about the domed bottoms fork legs at the drop out area of our Blazer and CKS forks. Lets clear it up. The rounded area at the bottom of the forks is there to eliminate two weak spots on how forks are traditionally built. Most forks have a tube that is cut and then a cap is either brazed or welded over the end of the fork leg, this cap can often become damaged from grinding. The CKS and Blazer forks’ domed end is the actual tube that has been formed to that rounded shape, it’s not a separate piece that has been added. The second and largest advantage of the domed legs is that using this eliminates the 90º corner that has long been the weakest spot on drop outs. By making one long sweeping weld, that is actually welded to the fork leg and not separate cap welded on cap, the stress that can typically cause a fork drop out to fail is spread out over a greater area which reduces the focus of the impact that forks take from hard landings and crashes.

Basically there is a lot more to these forks than just looking good.

– Darcy Saccucci

An example of where dropouts commonly crack from usual stress points.

Yohan Seifert’s Loden V2



Yohan Seifert sent in a couple photos of his MacNeil machine. Check out his blacked out Loden V2, CKS forks, MacNeil wheels, Fashionably Light pegs and more.

Re Stock: C.K.S. Forks


The perfect compliment to any of our frames are the popular C.K.S. forks, which are back in stock everywhere now. These things have everything with a long 169mm steer tube, 6mm spherical dome capping on the tapered and butted fork legs, 30mm of offset, 20/20 heat treatment, a built-in headset race, and come in a range of colours. More photos and info here, and hit up your local MacNeil dealer for a pair!