BMX Gallery: 4130 Ride 2 Glory Contest



The guys at BMX Gallery: 4130 in Calgary are running their super fun Ride 2 Glory contest again. It’s easy, get your friends together and do some crazy shit from the task list, film it all and put it into a 5 minute edit. The task list has a ton of different ways to stack points, from some super easy stuff like, eating tacos or putting stickers on your bike (hit us up for free stickers) to stuff that could be super dangerous, like test riding a Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire bike or wearing short shorts for a week. Both of which could end very badly.  In support of this great contest we’ve come up with our own 18 and over MacNeil challenge. Hottest topless woman on a BMX. Keep it classy and dump ’em out for MacNeil.


Dillon @ Le Taz Contest

Check out some footage from Dillon at this past weekends Le Taz contest in Montreal. He took home a proud 2nd place with his wrist duct taped for support. His run starts at the 2:45 mark.

Congrats Dill!

dillon taz contest

Congrats to Dill who placed 2nd at a contest at Le Taz skatepark in Montreal, QC this past weekend.

#MCNLSNOW Instagram Contest Winner


Our Instagram contest ended on January 31st, and we spent the weekend going over all the entries before narrowing it down and voting on a winner. There were a ton of great entries, and some of you got really creative. It’s not easy to stand out in a sea of photos that involve a bike and snow, but @keanfougere777 did and we determined that this photo was the clear winner. A big snow bank fufanu? Hell yah! Making the best of a bad situation. Contact us and we’ll get you set up with your prize package. Check out the runner up entry after the jump of a very smart BMX fender set.

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Kevin @ Chad Kerley Invitational

Kevin is heading out to Chicago’s Bakery for Chad Kerley’s Vitamin Water Invitational contest this weekend. He got the invite and will be there with the cream of the crop in BMX. Check RideBMX for more info about the event and tune in to their site this Saturday May 12th at 4pm CST for a live streaming webcast of the contest to catch Kevin’s riding.

WTF Is That? Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas for the WTF Is That? contest. There were a ton of entries and after we all talked about it we decided on Matthew Dylan Christoper’s “The Brail Grind.” Honourable mentions include Dustin Moyer’s “The Bono from U2 wearing The Edge’s leather jacket grind,” and James Pittard’s “The Julie Andrews.” Matthew will be getting a new set of XLT bars for the win. Thanks again to everyone and watch out for more contests in the future.

WTF Is That? Facebook Contest

We’re running a contest on our Facebook page for everyone out there to see who can come up with the best/most original/funniest name for Greg Flag’s handlebar grind. You can see the trick in the photo above from our article in Ride or you can check out our Vegas/Phoenix trip video again to really get a good idea of what the trick looks like. The winner of the contest will receive a new set of XLT bars!

Become a fan of our Facebook page and submit your idea on our wall, feel free to post as many as you like. Contest closes Monday, June 27, all submissions must be posted on our Facebook page, not in the comments here on the blog or sent in via email.

Kym in Estonia


Kym went out to Estonia for Simpel Sessions and sent over a dope update… Check it out!

I just got back on Monday and it was a pretty cool trip! I had a layover in Amsterdam for 8 hours on my way to Estonia, so I trained it into downtown Amsterdam an had a look around. I stopped at a coffee shop an sampled the finest herbal drinks and whatnot.. Then off to Tallinn for simple sessions. The contest was fuckin nuts!! Everybody killed it and some new faces were shreddin’ with the pros. I personally fell apart in my runs. A couple of mistakes messed up all my plans, but I had a blast seeing all the riders again, and the parties were pretty wild… If you wanted to get loose the after parties provided nicely.

Overall the trip was sick ! I got to spend another 6 hours in Amsterdam on the way back to Van and Tony Maloaf and Brian Kachinski also had a 5 hour layover so we headed downtown together (2nd trip for me) for some sight seeing. I hung out with BK an Tony all day then we headed back to the airport for the journey home…

Check out a bunch of photos from Kym’s trip after the jump and big congrats to Gary Young for getting 2nd!!

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And The Gold Medal Goes To…


So, here we go… The winner for the t-shirt contest is Chuck Dodge! Sometimes the simplest ideas go the farthest. I thought rather than just posting the winner, I’d explain how we came to this… I’m just going to talk about the last four shirts that we posted. They are all really good and made it to the top because we really liked them and for that, rather than just hooking up the winner, we are going to send a package of clothing to all the guys below…  Here’s why the shirt above won…


This shirt was executed amazingly. All the detail that was in the background was really dope and I just liked the overall feel… But it was a wolf and like you guys have been saying in the comments, a bunch of other BMX companies have made wolf shirts. If it wasn’t a wolf, there’s a good chance this would have won.


I was really feeling the type treatment, but I wish the font was thicker, so there were more sprockets and we were all not really into the big print behind the main type.

The graphic that was used to create the all-over print was really cool and I loved the use of the blue vs. the black, but all-over prints are all over… If this was two years ago, this would have won…

Final Four

After getting emails back from most of the team, we’ve narrowed it down to a final four… Still have no idea who we are going to pick… Winner will be up in under 2 hours.





Or Favorite Shirts (top 12?)


So, here is what we’ve narrowed the contest down to… When we first thought of doing the contest, we had no idea how hard it would be to pick a winner… Again, we are so psyched on how many people sent in shirts and we really appreciate the hard work everyone put into their designs. The shirts in this post have made it in here for two reasons… We like them and we can actually print them.

Check them out below and let us know what you think in the comments! We are still waiting to hear back from a few team riders who are helping us pick the winner. We’ll post the results today, no matter what!

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Fun with Comments…


So, some cleaver people thought it would be fun to write some shit in the comments… I just got to the office this morning and definitely had a good laugh… Check out what was written and let me know if you think I’d say stuff like this:

“Shea, I did receive your e-mail, however I disqualified your entries for containing explicit material. Vagina’s and penis’ are not our piece of pie here at Macneil. If Ryan Nyquist was part of our team it would me a different story but unfortunetly your entries will not be accepted. I am very sorry”

“Shea, to be honest with you im not a fan of “smack” or “shovels”, but infact its not the kids or shovels, but the way you positioned them on your designs… I meen really.. a grain shovel up a pre-teens ass is clearly too explicit.”

“Hey guys I’m a dirty prick and love driving Ryan Nyquist’s cockles up my bum hole.”

So… Shea… Out of the 320 shirts I received, I filed your email in the wrong folder and missed them on yesterday’s post. I’m real sorry!!!  I’m surprised I didn’t miss more… I posted your shirts after the jump, so everyone, check em out! As far as your deleted comment goes, it had a bunch of links in it and was being held for moderation… It’s in there now.

Jellyman… I looked for your shirt entries eveywhere, but didn’t see them… Send them over again and I’ll make sure they make it up! I’ll wait for a few hours, so we can get your shirts in before we post the winner…

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T-Shirt Contest – Final Entries


As we are going through all the t-shirts today, we wanted to post the final entries that we received over the past week or so. It’s pretty crazy how many designs we got and we are really psyched that everyone took the time to bust out their crayons and do some designs! As I’m typing this, we’ve narrowed the contest down to about 10 shirts (out of 320!!!) and we will post the official winner later today.

Since we had so many entries, I just made a quick photoshop gallery to post all the shirts (rather than uploading and posting them one at a time in the blog). So, Click here to see the final batch of shirts!

MacNeil T-Shirt Contest. Round 2

The entries keep coming in and we can’t wait to see more. There’s still 12 more days left, so skip out on some homework and design some t-shirts! Check out all of the entries we got over the past week… It’s crazy how many people have sent stuff in!!

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