Dillon, Chijioke and GH in Embassy Winter Mix

The dudes at Northern Embassy put together this rad winter mix edit featuring some great indoor clips from Greg Henry, Chijioke Okafo and Dillon Lloyd. The banger in this is a pretty wild one from Dillon, no surprise there. Press play and let’s hope this is the last indoor edit we see, spring’s coming soon, right??

Greg and Dillon in Embajada en Barcelona

The dudes over at Northern Embassy just dropped their entire ‘Embajada en Barcelona’ video online in full. Both Greg Flag and Dillon Lloyd have some heavy clips in this and, if you’ve seen it already, the whole video is totally worth another watch. Such a good vibe all throughout. Press play!

Dillon & Justin in Imported BMX’s Winter Sessions Edit

Both Dillon Lloyd and Justin Hughes have some seriously heavy clips in this Imported BMX edit filmed during some winter indoor sessions at Le Taz park in Montreal. The entire crew throws some rad stuff down, this is such a good watch start to finish. Press play!

Dillon Lloyd’s Second Place Best Trick


Great sequence of Dillon’s pegs to bars to ice that won him second place in the Red Bull Best Trick contest at Simple Session last weekend. Photo by Bartek Woliński.

Congrats, Dill!


Congrats to Dillon Lloyd for taking second place in the Red Bull best trick contest at Simple Session this past weekend and for making it into the finals and finishing 14th overall. The list of riders was stacked as always for Simple Session and Dill killed it. Check out a few wild tricks from his finals runs in the edit below from Ride BMX and be sure to watch both him and Brandon Webster throw down some crazy moves during the Best Trick contest over on the Red Bull site here. You can also check out all of the finals on the Red Bull site here.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 12.50.54 PM

Who needs a shirt after a wild 360 whip gap to flat?

Dillon and Brandon at Simple Session 14


Both Dillon Lloyd and Brandon Webster are on their way to Estonia for Simple Session 14 today. Be sure to catch all the action live at www.session.ee and the finals at www.redbull.com/bike and cheer the dudes on!

Dillon in Nocturnal Vol. 2

Dillon Lloyd made the trip down to Toronto from Montreal a couple weeks back for a weekend of Joyride sessions and hooked up with Justen Soule and a crew of dudes to film for the second instalment of Justen’s righteous ‘Nocturnal’ series. Even though Dill’s wrist was a bit jacked he still fired out some wild shit, hanger up to 180 to switch whip was butter.

Dillon Lloyd Wallpaper


In the most recent issue of Union Press, we ran this poster ad of Dillon Lloyd featuring the same truckdriver photo shot by Mikael Cardin we ran in his Ride BMX ad last year. It’s such a dope photo that we decided to make the Union Press ad a wallpaper for your desktops, laptops, iPads and iPhones. Hit the links below to download whatever size you need and watch out for Dillon’s signature Diller frame, bars and forks coming soon!

2560 x 1440

1920 x 1200

1680 x 1050

1440 x 900

1200 x 800

1024 x 768


iPhone 4s/4/3Gs/3G

iPhone 5s/5

Dillon Lloyd Clips in La Cribs Jam Edit

Dillon Lloyd has some dope clips in this edit from the La Cribs jam that went down a bit ago at Le Taz skatepark in Montreal including the opening rail ride up to switch bar. Press play!

Found on Facebook: Dillon at Le Taz


Just came across this dope photo by Pierre-Luc Massé on Facebook of Dill tossing an opposite 180 bar over the bench at a jam that went down at Le Taz recently. Dill’s on his way to Toronto right now to shred Joyride for the weekend so watch out for some Dill goodness soon!

Presence ‘Last Stand’ Promo

Presence BMX are back and dropped this promo on the world wide web today. Check it out for a bunch of Greg Flag footage throughout and Dillon holding it down at the end where he hits ’em wid it.

More From Dillon/Imported @ Le Taz Contest

Here’s some more coverage from Dillon at the Pepsi Pro/Am contest at Le Taz skatepark in Montreal, QC from the other week. Vlad and his whole Imported crew were out in numbers for the contest and put together this video. Unfortunately Justin Hughes had a bad fall to his face during practice, but Dillon took 2nd place. Check it out. Free Guwop.

Dillon @ Le Taz Contest

Check out some footage from Dillon at this past weekends Le Taz contest in Montreal. He took home a proud 2nd place with his wrist duct taped for support. His run starts at the 2:45 mark.

Congrats Dill!

dillon taz contest

Congrats to Dill who placed 2nd at a contest at Le Taz skatepark in Montreal, QC this past weekend.