West Coast BMX Perspectives By Brad Hill – ESPN


Our good friend Brad Hill has a selection of west coast BMX photos up on the ESPN/X-Games website right now, and lo and behold Taylor and Sam are featured in it. Check it out here for all the photos and Brad’s perspective as a newcomer to Vancouver, and you can check out his new portfolio site here for even more work from him.

ESPN: 20 Most Progressive Signature Frames

ESPN posted a cool article by Brian Tunney about the 20 most progressive signature BMX frames. Our classic Ruben frame made the cut, along with some memorable frames from other brands. Check it out here.

Jeff Kocsis Mic’d Up

ESPN were on hand when Jeff threw a jam for his family’s business The Bike Shop earlier this month and had him mic’d up to catch what he had to say throughout the day. Check out this edit that follows him from his morning bagel to his shop to the local park, and if you’re in Clifton, NJ make sure you stop by The Bike Shop at 697 Van Houten Avenue.

Jeff Kocsis talks about MacNeil on ESPN

Jeff’s got a quick Q and A on the ESPN site right now where Brian Tunney asks him about how joining the MacNeil team came about, and what he’s been up to lately. Click here for the read.