The Art of Building Dirt Jumps with George Bolter & Friends

Our main man down under, George Bolter, sent through this rad video that Red Bull put together of him and the rest of the PMP crew talking about the art of building jumps and their passion for digging in the woods and riding with their mates. Press play to watch some really well filmed trails action, to hear what they all have to say, and check out some rad photos of George, shot by his brother Louis, after the jump.


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George Bolter Trailife Q&A


There’s a really great write up and photogallery on the UK-based Trailife site about George Bolter’s crew and their local trails, PMP. Go check it out here for some insight into the dedicated world of running a dialed set of trails and to see some rad photos by Caleb Davison.

George Bolter’s East Coast USA Adventure


The last time George Bolter checked in with us he was crammed into a small hotel room in Bethlehem, PA with four of his homies and riding trails every day. He just sent through this update to let us know how the remainder of the trip went down…

“After spending almost a month crammed in a tiny hotel room in Bethlehem we decided it was best to move on and see some more of the east coast before making the trip out to Pittsburgh. We rented a 12 seater van, lost the back seats and hit the road covering over 1400 miles, seeing and riding heaps of rad stuff and meeting heaps of rad people. Here’s a bunch of photos from the travels, enjoy!

Check out a bunch of photos after the jump with notes from George.

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George Bolter’s PA Stay


Nac-nac seat grab. Photo by Dan Closser.

Our dude George Bolter and his crew have been residing in Pennsylvania for the last bit taking advantage of trail season and shredding Posh and Catty Woods. Here’s what George had to say…

“We’re based in Bethlehem right now and will be for the whole 6 weeks of the trip. We’ve been riding Posh and also Catty daily, it’s been an absolute blast to be straight out of winter back home and to be at some of the best trail spots in the world. There’s 5 of us crammed into a 2 bed, 4 person room with all of our belongings and bikes. It’s pretty hectic to say the least but a great time!”

Check out George’s Loden V3 build and a few more pics after the jump.

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George Bolter Update

G Bolts with the big nac nac.

Our man George Bolter has been wrapping up anther New Zealand winter and spending time working on their trails. While waiting for his summer to start he’s heading over to the US for a five week trail riding trip to PA. Check out a few more photos from trail photos he sent through after the jump, and look for him to be rolling around the north eastern US soon.

For PA, I have a few friends who go there every year and with the amount they rave on about it I figured I better go. I always try to get out of NZ once a year to ride and going somewhere new like that is always an awesome opportunity. We are going to be based in Bethlehem for the majority of the time and also plan on going to Pittsburgh for at least a week. I really can’t wait for it. I haven’t ridden trails since summer. We have just been digging like crazy. This is our Tumblr for our trails
– George Bolter

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Kiraly and Bolter – Network A East Bay

The people want more Kevin footage and that’s what the people will get. Check out this new Network A video from Justin Burns with a heavy East Bay crew where Kevin shuts it down with the last minute of footage. Extra bonus of a rad George Bolter clip at 1:16 too!

The Lost Roll – George Bolter’s California Photos

R.I.P. MacNeil Astrovan

George Bolter sent over these photos from a roll of film he found that he had shot last year during his stay at the #MCNLBC house we had in Long Beach, California. Here’s what he had to say:

While on my trip over to the Long Beach house last year I shot a roll of film on my $20 Holga camera and totally forgot about it until last week! I found the roll while cleaning out my room and got it developed. Only a bit of the 24 photos came out. I’m a little bummed on that but still stoked since this reminds me of a rad 2 weeks on Cali!

Check out more of his photos below after the jump, and you can re-watch all of the edits from our time in California last year too.

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Random Photo: George Bolter


George Bolter sent through this rad photo of him boosting a one-footed, one-handed table in between rainy days down under. Dude can roast a quarter!

Two Weeks with George Bolter

360 lookback. Photo by Caleb Davison.

360 lookback. Photo by Caleb Davison.

George just sent through a bunch of photos and some words about his last few weeks riding in the Red Bull Roast It Jam and the Frew Farm Jam down in New Zealand. Check out what George had to say about everything and all of the photos after the jump.

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George Bolter Wins Again!

Big congratulations go out to George Bolter for winning the best trick contest with a big 360 at the Red Bull Roast It contest in New Zealand over the weekend. It looks like he wasted no time to celebrate. Check out a video from the event from below.

Summer of George

It was the first day of summer recently for George Bolter in the land down under and he and his crew have been working hard at getting their local trails dialed in and ready to shred. Check out a couple more shots after the jump of George getting down at the jumps and a wild curved wallride pic.

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Red Bull Stateside 2012 NZ – George Bolter

Back in Vegas we ran in to George Bolter during Interbike. He had come over with his brother Louis and Jaden Lemming, the other members of the Red Bull New Zealand team, for a trip across the US. Their plan was to spend some time on the west coast, then make their way to Woodward East. Check out the rest of the web episodes documenting their trip after the jump.

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George Bolter – 1st Place at NZ Xtreme Games!

Big congrats to our man George Bolter for taking first place at the New Zealand Xtreme Games this past weekend! Stoked to hear it, and thanks to Triple 6 for holding it down for us in Australia and New Zealand.

George Bolter Double Exposure

G Bolts sent over this link to a photo of him up on ZombieBMX recently of a rad double exposure shot. Hangover crank slide in Auckland shot by Mike Davies.