That’s a Wrap – #MACNEILROC


Our weekend in Rochester wrapped up yesterday and all of us are already missin’ the Roc. We had a blast with everyone down there and came away with some rad footage of the dudes. Greg Henry tweaked his ankle a bit on Sunday and had to lay low for the rest of the time but he fired out a bunch of awesome stuff in the first couple days. Both Jack and Chi stacked a bunch of wild stuff including a few NBD’s on some Rochester spots. Big thanks to our pal Dave Raffa for putting us up and showing us around and to Tony Hamlin, Dan Coller, Dave Fortman, Ryan Cork, everyone at Blackout for the session and all the other locals who made our stay all the more rad. Check out our Instagram for some photos from the trip and watch out for a photogallery that will be up soon, stay tuned!

Jack Leonard by Joey Cobbs


Our dude Jack Leonard was down in Cali for a bit to escape the on-again, off-again winter we’ve been experiencing here in Canada and snapped this dope truckdriver photo with the help of Joey Cobbs behind the lens. Jack’s hitting the road with us tomorrow for our ‘Genesee-ing is Gene-believing’ trip down to Rochester, NY so watch out for a bunch more from him real soon. Check out Jack’s Borato V3 chillin’ in the Cali sun below.


Genesee-ing is Gene-believing – MacNeil in Rochester


This upcoming long weekend, we’re swinging down from Toronto to Rochester, NY with a crew including Greg Henry, Jack Leonard, Chijioke Okafo and Chris Silva. From the 18th to the 21st we’re gonna be cruising around the area so if you see us out and about, come and say hi! Follow us on Instagram at @macneilbikes and follow the #MACNEILROC hashtag to see what we get up to. Watch out for an edit from the trip in a couple weeks!

Jack Leonard’s New Borato V3

2014-02-25 20.11.38

Jack Leonard just put together a new raw Borato V3 and sent over some pics of it chillin’ in the London, Ontario snow. Hit the link to check out a few more shots of it with a parts list, that chrome fork on the raw kit is tight!

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Jack Leonard Interview on Northern Embassy


Jack Leonard has a great interview up on the Northern Embassy site where he talks about the making of the recent DWOK Mixtape, VXs, the London, Ontario scene and more. Go check it out here and watch the whole DWOK mixtape again below.

Jack Leonard in the DWOK Mixtape

Jack Leonard, part of our Young Guns squad, and the rest of the London, Ontario crew have been working on this DWOK Mixtape for a while now and it just dropped in full the other day. Jack has a ton of dope clips in here along with the rest of the dudes and he also edited the whole thing. This rules from start to finish so press play and enjoy!

Random Photo: Jack Leonard

jack wallride 2

Quick snap of ‘Young Gun’ Jack Leonard juicing a wallride over a friend’s bike by Mitch Oudshoorn. Go follow Jack on Instagram at @hahalenny.

Jack Leonard: Nollie Barspin

jack - nollie bar

Here’s another random photo from our Young Gun Jack Leonard with a nollie barspin captured by two very close angles. Have a great Black Friday and don’t get too buck in the stores today.

Jack Leonard: Gap to Wall

jack gap wall

Jack Leonard, our AM team rider with two first names, comes through with a big gap to wallride. Look for his crew’s DWOK mixtape out…eventually.

Young Guns: Am Team Pages Ups!


We just gave the team page of our site an update with brand new pages for our Young Guns aka our AM team. Go give it a look and get to know these three handsome young gentlemen. Big things are poppin’.