Any Means Necessary

If you haven’t already seen our latest team video, ‘Any Means Necessary.’, it is now online for you to check out. Featuring: Brandon Webster, Sam Lowe, John Manaras, Fabian Dulong, Antoine Nau, Alexi Barau, Amos Franke, Jaumell Campbell, Greg Henry, Nathan Hines, Greg Flag, Chijioke Okafo, Jack Leonard, Adam Piatek and Chris Silva. Hosted by Deaner of Fubar fame. Click play and enjoy!

2015 MacNeil Warehouse Mix

Here’s a little mix of riding from the MacNeil warehouse over the last couple of months featuring John Alden, Jaumell Campbell, Amos Franke and Adam Piatek. Shot and edited by Zach Rampen. Press play and enjoy!

Jaumell Campbell Bike Check

Jaumell Campbell Macneil Spring 2014 Bike Check-3

Between dodging rain, enjoying some sunny street sessions, and copious amount of Uncle Fatih’s pizza while out in Vancouver, Jaumell Campbell shot a quick bike with Repset‘s Cory Beal and sent it through. Check out more photos of Jaumell’s Calico V2 and a parts list after the jump. Thanks to Cory for the pics!

Jaumell Campbell Macneil Spring 2014 Bike Check-1

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Found on Facebook – Jaumell Campbell by Dave Scott


Our dude Jaumell Campbell has been out in Vancouver for a bit and hooked up with Dave Scott to shoot this cool back alley rooftop barspin.

Random Photo: Jaumell Still Got Dat Pop


Northern Embassy is the source of yet another random photo, this time with our man of mystery Jaumell Campbell showing he’s still got dat pop with a barspin barricade hop. Photo by Isaac Barnes.

Gleamin’ – NMTBS

Check out this video from Luke Santucci and his Gleamin’ project. Lots of great clips from Taylor, Greg, Dillon, and Jaumell getting down from Vancouver to Edmonton.

Happy Birthday, Jaumell!


Happy birthday to our dude Jaumell Campbell today! Hope you have a good one brother! Go follow him on Instagram at @jaumellxavier.

Jaumell Campbell, Greg Flag and Friends by Taylor Elvy

Taylor Elvy just put together this short video of Jaumell Campbell, Greg Flag, and their friends at the Callingwood Plaza in Edmonton, AB for Northern Embassy. Check it out.

Almond X Ten Pack Edit with Greg, Taylor and Jaumell

Check out this edit from a recent Ten Pack X Almond trip that went down a bit ago that Greg Flag, Taylor Elvy and Jaumell Campbell were on. Dudes killed it!

Jaumell and Taylor – Embassy 5 Pal Clips

Jaumell and Taylor start off and end off this quick 5 clips edit for Northern Embassy with 3 of their pals. One clip from each rider at a skatepark. Short and sweet, so check it out. Filmed and edited by Luke Santucci.

Jaumell Campbell – 5 Clips Edit

Man of mystery Jamuell Campbell just put out a short and sweet 5 clip edit for Northern Embassy. It’s been a minute since most people have seen some new footage from Jaumell, so check it out. Filmed and edited by Isaac Barnes.

#MCNLBC Part 2

Check out our second and final team edit from our stay in Long Beach, California at our MCNLBC house. Riding from Dillon Lloyd, Kevin Kiraly, Greg Flag, Andrew Lazaruk, Taylor Elvy, Jeff Kocsis, George Bolter, and Jaumell Campbell. Filmed by Sean Cooke and edited by Harrison Boyce.

Thanks to everyone that helped us out, showed us around, filmed with us, shot photos, and made us feel welcome.

Bike Check – Jaumell Campbell

Paul Swanson photo.

Jaumell Campbell just put a new whip together and has been out shredding now that the weather’s not brutally cold in Edmonton. His bright red Calico frame looks dope with an all black parts kit, check it out below with a few more photos and parts list after the jump. Keep an eye open for more Jams goodness soon!

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Our time in California has come to an end and we want to thank everyone that showed us around, shared their spots and their hospitality with us. Look for a full article of our house and stay in an upcoming issue of Soul BMX Magazine.

Check out our first of several edits to come from our stay in Long Beach. Riding from Chris Silva, Jaumell Campbell, Taylor Elvy, Jeff Kocsis, and Andrew Lazaruk. Keep your eyes peeled because there is lots more to come…