Jeff Kocsis’ Borato V3

1 Jeff Kocsis has been tripping around the Middle East for the last bit and between riding sessions, checking out pyramids, and cruising on camels, he sent over a few photos of his Borato V3¬†with prototype Diller forks he built up before leaving. Check out some more photos and a parts list after the jump and expect to see some rad stuff from Jeff's trip real soon! 2 Frame: Borato v3, 20.5" Fork: Diller prototype Bars: Tabarnak Sprocket: Animal Wheels: Primary hubs w/Dub rims Tires: Animal GLH rear and MTT front Stem: Animal MR Cranks: Animal Pedals: Animal Hamilton Grips: Animal Edwin Pegs: Animal OG longs (when they're on) 3 Jeff's lovin' the rusted out look of his prototype Diller forks. 4 5 6  

Jeff Kocsis Photos

jeffkocsis_curvewall_euro_nj_nathanbeddows2013_csb_0998_web Animal posted up a bunch of rad photos of Jeff Kocsis that were all shot by Nathan Beddows last summer including this awesome curved wallride to euro table. So much classic Jeff steeze in all of the pics, head over to the Animal site to check out the rest here.

Jeff Kocsis – QSS6 JAPANIMAL Behind the Scenes

Jeff Kocsis has some rad clips in this Japanimal 2013 QSS 6 behind the scenes vid. Tyrone gives a quick shout out to Dillon Dillon Dillon at the end, too. Animal's QSS 6 drops Monday January 20th, get stoked.

Jeff Kocsis’ V3 Borato

1 Jeff Kocsis got back from a trip to Japan with Animal recently and just built up a new Borato V3 with a set of Blazer forks, Tabarnak bars, and Dubs rims. He's also been doing some indoor shredding now that the snow and cold is blowing through Jersey. Check out some more photos of his bike and another riding photo after the jump and be sure to check out the photo galleries from the Animal in Japan tour for more Jeff action here. 6 3 2 4 5

The Albion Issue 13 – Jeff Kocsis: Style Is The Difference

The Albion just posted a digital copy of their 13th issue that was published earlier this year, and it contains a great interview with Jeff Kocsis. Jeff talks about the importance of style in his riding, his influences and Jersey roots, and more. Check it out above on page 70, or you can digitally flip through the article directly here.

Jeff, Silva, and Taylor in Vancouver

Jeff and Silva flew out to Vancouver and met up with Taylor Elvy back in August for an Animal Bikes trip. They had a jam at the Chuck Bailey skatepark, cruised some streets, and even hit a swimming hole. Check out this video of their time out there. Sam Lowe even sneaks a clip in too.

Jeff Kocsis Word Association

Jeff-Berm-Blaster-1 Back in August Jeff visited BC for the first time, and his whole trip he was waiting to ride some historic Vancouver parks and snake runs, so on his last day we made it happen. He was quickly riding the place like he was a local and blasting tables and 270s all over the place. We thought we would get inside Jeff's head a bit more and did some word association with him. Check it out after the jump, along with some more photos shot by Zach Rampen. Bikes: BMX Travel: Forever Coffee: Dark New Jersey: Home Canada: My back up plan when US goes to shit Van: Homan. Of course. Book: 5 finger discount Street: > park Big: Big what Dew: Tour. Career high. Breaks: Love 'em Style: Means everything Future: Uncertain Music: Jazz Work: and play Flight: Death Concrete: Cement Dime: Fried egg burger with avocado Shaky: Loose moose with all the juice Manny Fresh: Toughest kid I know Jeff-Q-and-A Jeff-270 Jeff floating a 270 over a hip. Jeff-Table-Top Classic tabletop.

Vancouver Photos by Dave Scott

tumblr_muc284zUZp1qgnd7mo1_1280 Taylor going down with the ship, and with the rail/ledge feeble. When the crew are out and about and riding in Vancouver you can always count on Dave Scott being around to shoot a photo. He has gotten a number of shots with a lot of our team dudes, and lately he has been uploading some to his website. You can check out a few more after the jump, and visit his Open Liquor site for a bunch more. silva Silva with a nosebonk to icepick from his recent bike check. tumblr_mutuhaw2DZ1qgnd7mo1_1280 Jeff Kocsis - barrier air greg Greg Flag - over tooth

This Is How We Dew It

The Come Up brings you more coverage from this weekend's Dew Tour. Jeff defines what 'real Jersey' is, and Nate Richter gets Kevin to drop soem tricks on demand.

Jeff and Kevin at Dew Tour Street Practice

Practice has already been popping off from the first day of Dew Tour practice and a couple videos are starting to circulate. Check out these two quick edits from RideBMX and The Come Up. How sick is Jeff's vertical pole jam above at 2:08? Don't forget that the contest will be live streamed online this weekend. More info here.

Kevin and Jeff Do The Dew

Dew-Tour-Logo Dew Tour is back in San Francisco this week, and Kevin Kiraly and Jeff Kocsis both got invites to ride in this year's event. We are pumped for both of our dudes to be out there in the contest and see them ride against some of the strongest talent in the industry. Jeff and Kevin both ride with totally different and unique styles, and with the SF contest the course is largely modelled after legendary San Francisco spots, so it'll be even more interesting to see how they both interpret it. They will be riding in the Street contest and Kevin will also be in the Streetstyle contest, which is a downhill course on a real San Francisco street that they close down and add obstacles too. BMX Street semi-finals begin on Friday with finals on Saturday, and Streetstyle on Sunday. The events will be live streamed online, as well as airing on TV on NBC. Check out the schedule here, and we'll be posting more later this week.

Jeff Kocsis Still Has A Day Job

Animal Bikes recently uploaded Lil' Jeff's part from the now classic Don't Quit Your Day Job 2 by $cerbo. Watch, and wish the Jersey style king a quick recovery from the busted ribs he recently suffered.

The Bike Shop Edit

In more Lil Jeff news, he recently put together this chill edit for The Bike Shop in Clifton, New Jersey that he and his family run. There's a good local vibe in this one, all the dudes hanging out and shredding for fun. This is part one of the series so watch out for more.

Lil’ Jeff in Vancouver

e1de3cf000f511e39b2e22000a1d0a95_7 Jeff has been out in Vancouver for the last week on an Animal/Ten Pack trip and on his last day wanted to visit some of the popular and famous bowls and snake runs that the city has to offer. Here he is blasting the Seylynn snake run like a local. Photo by Chijo Okafo.