Parting Ways


As everyone has heard by now, Kevin Kiraly will no longer be a part of the MacNeil team going into 2014. We’d like to thank Kevin for everything since he’s been a part of the brand and wish him the best of luck in the new year. Have a look again at all of his wild edits and print ads from the past bit after the jump.

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Varsity Deal @ Casual BMX


More MacNeil deals around the world for the holiday season. For a limited time at Casual BMX if you buy Kevin Kiraly’s signature Varsity frame you’ll also get a copy of the Deadline DVD! Kevin holds down an amazing part in the video, and since Kevin rides for the shop they decided to put this deal together for you. Get it while it lasts here.

25 Questions with Kevin Kiraly @ BMX Union


Jeremy Pavia’s TTL column on BMX Union this week is all about Kevin Kiraly. He has a 25 question conversation with Kevin where they talk about his winning section in The Hunt, contests, filming, internet and DVD parts, switch and opposite tricks, and more. Check that all out here.


Kiraly Takes 1st Place at The Hunt!


Congratulations to Kevin Kiraly who took home 1st place in The Hunt video contest last night. Look for the DVD to be released soon and available through iTunes. Now go cop a Varsity frame and help the man celebrate.

Kiraly: First Look – Hunt DVD

Will Stroud and RideBMX give you a first look at this years The Hunt contest. Kevin has a banging part that made the semi-finals and Will gives you some insight in to how seriously Kevin, and his filmer Justin Burns, take video parts and what you can look forward to when the video premieres and winners are announced on November 7th at the premiere. If you’re in the Long Beach, CA area make sure to attend as it’s open to all ages. Visit The Hunt for more info, and look for more from Kevin and The Hunt soon.

Kevin Kiraly Deadline Trailer

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a physical copy of the Deadline DVD yet, what are you waiting for? The Come Up have been posting mini trailers for individual parts, and here’s a snippet of what you can expect from KK. Go pick up the DVD now and support what they are doing.

This Is How We Dew It

The Come Up brings you more coverage from this weekend’s Dew Tour. Jeff defines what ‘real Jersey’ is, and Nate Richter gets Kevin to drop soem tricks on demand.

Jeff and Kevin at Dew Tour Street Practice

Practice has already been popping off from the first day of Dew Tour practice and a couple videos are starting to circulate. Check out these two quick edits from RideBMX and The Come Up. How sick is Jeff’s vertical pole jam above at 2:08? Don’t forget that the contest will be live streamed online this weekend. More info here.

Kevin and Jeff Do The Dew


Dew Tour is back in San Francisco this week, and Kevin Kiraly and Jeff Kocsis both got invites to ride in this year’s event. We are pumped for both of our dudes to be out there in the contest and see them ride against some of the strongest talent in the industry. Jeff and Kevin both ride with totally different and unique styles, and with the SF contest the course is largely modelled after legendary San Francisco spots, so it’ll be even more interesting to see how they both interpret it.

They will be riding in the Street contest and Kevin will also be in the Streetstyle contest, which is a downhill course on a real San Francisco street that they close down and add obstacles too. BMX Street semi-finals begin on Friday with finals on Saturday, and Streetstyle on Sunday. The events will be live streamed online, as well as airing on TV on NBC. Check out the schedule here, and we’ll be posting more later this week.

Kevin Kiraly: The Hunt Semi-Finalist


After working for many years on his recent Deadline part, Kevin went straight back to work for The Hunt BMX video contest. The semi-finalists are in and Kevin made the list. The world premiere will be held on October 29th, 2013 in Long Beach, California, so if you’re anywhere near there make it out for the premiere and find out who is the lucky winner.

Re Post: Kiraly’s Varsity Promos

Take a break in the middle of your week and enjoy both Varsity promos again from Kevin Kiraly.

Kevin Kiraly Varsity Promo Now On Vimeo

Just like our Van Island Getaway video we put on Vimeo last week, we just uploaded Kevin’s Varsity promo from last week to our Vimeo account too. If you weren’t able to watch it in some countries, or just prefer one player over the other, it’s up there on both now for the world to see. Press play and watch Kevin get the word out about his Varsity frame as he lays down opposite and switch tricks all over. Go get your Varsity frame in stores worldwide now!

Kevin Kiraly Varsity Promo / The Come Up

KK is at it again. Check out his newest promo he dropped for his signature Varsity frame that he did with The Come Up. Varsity’s are available world wide right now, so go hit up your local MacNeil dealer to get one. Hair cuts not included. Peep the flip book for the frame again too.

Kiraly Ad in Figuré N°6


Not only did Kevin land on the prestigious list of the 5 best looking men in BMX, he’s also in our latest ad in Figuré numero six, which is out today throughout France. The ad shows off the same kit that Kevin rides: his signature Varsity frame, CKS forks, Tabarnak bars, and our new Network wheels. The ad may be in french, but you don’t need a translator to understand an opposite feeble to whip. Go track down a copy from Figuré BMX Magazine, and big thanks to Unleaded for holding things down for us out there!