Farewell Andrew Lazaruk

Andrew Lazaruk has been riding for MacNeil for years, long before he was officially moved to the pro team. We’ve all enjoyed riding and partying with him at home and on the road. It’s always fun when Laser’s around so we want thank him for the good times and all of his help along the way. Best of luck in the future Lazerdick. See you at the trails.

Thanks a ton to everyone at MacNeil! It’s been an awesome time, from the trips to just just getting to meet and hang out with everybody involved. Definitely made some memories that will last a life time over the past couple years. I’m honored I had the chance to ride for and represent Canada’s only BMX company. All good things have to end though, so I’m excited for whatever may come next. Thanks again, best of luck in the future!
– Andrew Lazaruk

Lazer @ Heath Pinter’s Backyard Jam

Check out Lazer in this Network A episode about the trail jam at Heath Pinter’s backyard that he was down at a few weeks back. There’s some really great overhead shots of the trails filmed with a helicopter camera that make this video worthwhile, not to mention Andrew’s charming personality in the interviews.

Andrew Lazaruk – Cali/Texas Update

Lazer just came back from a two week trip to California and Texas. He was down in California for a Hart & Huntington dirt event at Heath’s yard, and made it to Austin for this year’s Texas Toast. Check out his full update and photos after the jump.

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Lazer in Montana by Jordan Hango

Lazerdick has some photos in a gallery from the Montana trip he took back in July shot by Jordan Hango on Northern Embassy. Check out the gallery here.

Andrew Lazaruk Cali Edit

Lazer spent his winter and spring down in California soaking up constant sun, and spending his time riding trails, skateparks, and going on street missions. Check out his video from his time down there. Filmed and edited by Andrew Harrington.

Lazer in Australia

Samson Ross with a one handed can can.

Lazer is down in Brisbane, Australia right now riding with George Bolter and Samson Ross. The first bit of his trip he was dodging some bad weather, but they’ve all been riding regardless. Read what he had to say below and check out some scenic photos after the jump and check back after the trip for Lazer’s wrap up.

Had a little bit of a slow start to the trip with some real shitty weather the first three days we were here. Pretty much rained non stop. Tried to make the most of it though. Had a fun pretty fun session at an indoor park and drank our faces off. The weather has been better the last little bit though. Did a day trip up the Gold Coast, another to the Sunshine Coast and been riding around the city a bunch.

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Drove To Las Vegas and Got a Dorito Taco Edit

Here’s a little edit with Dillon, Greg, and Lazerdick from the drive from Vancouver to Interbike in September (basically a couple skateparks and a clip in Heath’s backyard). haha!

Lazer 3rd at King of Skatepark

Lazer was at the King of Skatepark contest hosted by Etnies in Southern California this past weekend at took 3rd place in the open bowl category. Congrats on the placing! Lots of heavy hitters, young guns, and legends all in the mix at the event. Check out a video from the event at Ride BMX and try and spot Lazer.

Lazer in Oregon

Leastmost has a rad feature up about a No Bikes/Fat Trax trip through Oregon that Lazer went on. Check out the article here!

Lazer Pics

Check out a few pics of Lazerdick. Photos by Darcy Saccucci.

Lazer Bike Check

Andrew Lazaruk built up a one of the new Loden’s with a bunch of raw parts. The bike looks dope and he also put together a quick edit from the Penticton Bowl that you can check out at the bottom of the post!

Frame: Loden 21 inch
Forks: Blazer
Bars: XLT 8.75”
Cranks: Consplined
Rims: Chrome Dubs
Hubs: Blazer front, Primary Cassette rear
Stem: Top Notch
Sprocket: Lambo, 28t
Pedals: F.A.C.E. – best pedals ever
Seat: SL
Tires: Éclat tan walls front and back
Grips: Duo Bohan
Brakes: all éclat stuff- lever, cable,brake arms

Team Pages

Finally updated the Crew section with team pages for Lazerdick and Chris Silva. Check em out! Silva uploaded his section from FU 3 to go with the team page, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch it now!

Lazerdick Pics

Lazerdick finally left California after spending a few months at Heath Pinter’s house. He’s currently driving back and either just got home or is almost there, but from what it sounded like, he had a great time in Cali. He filmed a bunch while he was down there and is working on getting an edit together… Can’t wait to check that out, but in the mean time, check out some rad photos of him. The first one was shot by Mike Dies and the second one is an iPHone pic from Brett Walker!

Lazerdick Cali Update

click to enlarge

Andrew Lazaruk a.k.a. “Lazerdick” has been down in California for the past few months staying at Heath Pinter’s house enjoying the nice weather and riding as much as possible. The photo above is from our Vegas/Phoenix trip, but he sent in a bunch of iPhone shots from his time in Cali. Check em out!