Jeff and Kevin at Dew Tour Street Practice

Practice has already been popping off from the first day of Dew Tour practice and a couple videos are starting to circulate. Check out these two quick edits from RideBMX and The Come Up. How sick is Jeff’s vertical pole jam above at 2:08? Don’t forget that the contest will be live streamed online this weekend. More info here.

Kevin and Jeff Do The Dew


Dew Tour is back in San Francisco this week, and Kevin Kiraly and Jeff Kocsis both got invites to ride in this year’s event. We are pumped for both of our dudes to be out there in the contest and see them ride against some of the strongest talent in the industry. Jeff and Kevin both ride with totally different and unique styles, and with the SF contest the course is largely modelled after legendary San Francisco spots, so it’ll be even more interesting to see how they both interpret it.

They will be riding in the Street contest and Kevin will also be in the Streetstyle contest, which is a downhill course on a real San Francisco street that they close down and add obstacles too. BMX Street semi-finals begin on Friday with finals on Saturday, and Streetstyle on Sunday. The events will be live streamed online, as well as airing on TV on NBC. Check out the schedule here, and we’ll be posting more later this week.

Jeff Kocsis Still Has A Day Job

Animal Bikes recently uploaded Lil’ Jeff’s part from the now classic Don’t Quit Your Day Job 2 by $cerbo. Watch, and wish the Jersey style king a quick recovery from the busted ribs he recently suffered.

Chris Silva/Jeff Kocsis – Animal QSS #4

Animal just uploaded this section from the QSS #4 video, and it features a bunch of footage from Chris Silva and Jeff Kocsis from a trip to Ohio they took back in September 2012. Footage starts at the 1:12 mark so hit play. Also go back and re-visit the NY/NJ photogallery with Silva and Jeff from their time on the rest of that trip.

Jeff Kocsis – Whip


Animal have a close look at Jeff’s newest bike, a Varsity frame loaded with Animal parts. Get a look at it with more photos here.

Jeff Kocsis in The Price Is Wrong

If you haven’t watched Animal‘s new video The Price Is Wrong, then you are probably blowing it. Jeff Kocsis throws down with an awesome first section and great footage throughout, as well as their whole team. They are giving this thing away to everyone FOR FREE. Animal may be our friends, but it’s always important to stress that you should support real companies taking action to give back to BMX in large ways. Real recognize real. Also here’s a photo of Jeff laying down for a snoozer some time last year at the MCNLBC house.

Photo by Jeremy Pavia.

Jeff Kocsis Spring 2013 Edit

Ride BMX got the exclusive on this video last week, and now we’ve opened up the embedding to everyone. We will announce the winners of the contest soon, but for now check out the video again (or for the first time if you haven’t watched it), and feel free to share it everywhere.
Filmed by Wade Young and friends.
Edited by Jeff Kocsis.

Ride BMX Exclusive Jeff Kocsis Edit + Giveaway!


Head over to RIDEBMX.COM to watch our newest edit of Jeff Kocsis that they have the exclusive on. While you’re there, answer our one simple questions to win 1 of 2 the prize backs below. Don’t waste any time and check it out on their site right here.

“What vegetable would Jeff never get on a pizza? Dig around the MacNeil site to find the answer and leave a comment below with the answer. Two winners will be chosen at random to win a prize pack filled with some MacNeil goodness. USA and Canada only, sorry foreign friends!”


Jeff Kocsis – Connecticut Flicker Life



Animal just posted a bunch of photos from their recent Connecticut Shop Stops and there were too many good photos of Lil’ Jeff to narrow down that I decided to post two of these awesome boosts. Always doing everything with so much style. He’s got a bunch more great photos that they posted that you can check out here. Photos by Rob Dolecki.

Jeff Kocsis Interview @ BMX Union


Jeff has a great interview right now over on BMXUnion. Take 5 to 10 minutes out of your day to hear the perspective of one of the hardest working and humble riders in the game. From representing a handful of great brands, traveling, working at his family’s bike shop, tiling, and any other manual labour that comes his way, Jeff always keeps a level head on his shoulders and we couldn’t be more psyched to have him as part of the MacNeil family. Read the interview here.

The Albion Issue 13: Jeff Kocsis – Style Is The Difference

Photo by Daniel Benson.

Issue 13 of The Albion BMX magazine is out for free in the UK tomorrow (April 5th), featuring an interview with our man Jeff Kocsis. Make sure you grab a copy from your local shop, or subscribe if you are outside of the UK, and read Lil’ Jeff dropping some truth.

Jeff Kocsis in Animal QSS 3

Here is Jeff’s full section from Animal’s QSS 3 video Foreign and Domestic, that was released in the fall. Jeff killed it all over for this part. QSS 4 just came out, and him and Silva both have a bunch of clips in it from a trip they took from New Jersey to Ohio, so make sure you go buy that too. In other Jeff news, he just got the bump to the Almond pro team, so congratulations are in order. He’s dealing with some ankle difficulties right now, but don’t expect that to slow him down much and look for a lot of great things with Jeff in 2013.