Fast Forward With Greg, Taylor, Adam and Dillon

Fast Forward just launched their new site, and posted this new edit from some of Mike King’s time in Vancouver (while he was filming this Dillon video). Check out a ton of our team including Taylor Elvy, Greg Flag, Dillon Lloyd, and Adam Piatek and go surf their new site too.

What Would Rambo Do?


Check the spread from issue 177 of RideUK BMX Magazine by Mike King about the trials and tribulations of filming Dillon’s Welcome To Vans video that dropped the other day, with him destroying spots all over Vancouver. The big whip in to the Georgia bank shot by Dave Scott. You can find the magazine on newstands everywhere now.

Dillon Lloyd – Welcome to Vans

Dill has been getting some help from Vans for a little while now, but this makes it official. Check out his awesome ‘Welcome To The Team’ video above. A couple months ago he came out to Vancouver, BC and spent a few weeks with Mike King to work on this, and bad weather and torn ligaments didn’t slow him down at all. The two worked hard and Dill shut down spots all over Vancouver. Look for an accompanying article in RideUK soon too. Pop off.

Mike King – Big Budget Tour

Mike King and his housemates decided to take a three day trip around the south of England to visit a bunch of indoor skateparks. They ironically dubbed it the Big Budget Tour while eating a steady diet of Nando’s and KFC. Check out the video of their trip and be sure to visit FFWDBMX.

A Bike Fit For A King: Mike King Bike Check

Mike King just built up a new Loden V2 with the help of Seventies. He’s going to be heading to this side of the pond for a stay in Canada later in March, but for now check out what he’s riding to tide him over during the cold UK winter. Parts list below:

Frame: MacNeil Loden V2, 21″
Fork: MacNeil C.K.S.
Stem: MacNeil Top Shelf
Bars: MacNeil Tabanark, 8.75″
Post: MacNeil
Cranks: MacNeil 175mm Consplined
Front Wheel: MacNeil Dub rim
Rear Wheel: MacNeil Dub rim
Peg: MacNeil Fashionably Light
Mods: Bars cut down half inch each side, steerer tube cut down, yes I do run a brake and yes I am aware it is 2013, oh and a ‘rip n dip’ cat sticker on the downtube that reads ‘C.R.E.A.M. – cats rule everything around me’, cats are sweet…

Mike King w/ Premier @ Our House

Mike King on the other side of the lens for a change. He’s got some great clips at the end of this edit of the Premier BMX Store team at the Seventies Our House park, so give it a watch and check it out.

BMX Union: Firsts With Mike King

Mike King news again. This time he’s got an interview by Mark Noble over on BMX Union about his history with filming and a number of his FIRSTS. Go give it a read here.

Vinnie Mayne in Seventies Summer Tour Video

Seventies just dropped their video from their summer and our man Vince has a ton of great clips in it. It’s also put together by Mike King, so you know the filming and editing is on point! Check it out.

MacNeil UK – ABD in ATX

Mike King, Vinnie Mayne, and Billy Cooper all went stateside in March to Austin, TX during the SXSW festival. The city faces a population explosion during that week every year, and the guys tried to make the best of the situation and enjoy the better weather. Check out the edit that Mike put together, and extra thanks to Seventies for the support.

MacNeil UK Team Bike Checks

Vinnie, Billy, and Mike all built up some new bikes with our new 2012 products and frames. You can check them all out in closer detail on the Seventies site, and check out this quick clip of Billy 540ing his local box jump on his new bike.