Chijioke Okafo Bike Check


Spotted this bike check of Chijioke’s dope new Calico splatter job over on Northern Embassy. Check it out here.

Random Photo: Jaumell Still Got Dat Pop


Northern Embassy is the source of yet another random photo, this time with our man of mystery Jaumell Campbell showing he’s still got dat pop with a barspin barricade hop. Photo by Isaac Barnes.

Northern Embassy Collab Seats!

This has been in the works for a bit now but we’re excited to announce that our collaborative seats with the Northern Embassy are now available! Based on the popular Fat Capital design, these seats are available with a brown synthetic leather cover or textured black cover. These seats are available at some fine shops here in Canada or through the Embassy’s online store. Get some more info on the seats here and get your hands on one before they’re all gone!

Random Photo: Chris Silva 2008

Silva grind bw

Northern Embassy just posted this 2008 photo of Silva sliding a feeble grind in Kingston, ON during his peg wielding days. Shot by Dave Hawthorne.

Dillon’s Vancouver Layover With A Hangover

Dillon was flying from Montreal to Hong Kong for Eclat‘s Kings of Kong tour and had a two day layover in Vancouver. After getting loose on the Friday, he was hit with a hangover on Saturday, but didn’t let it slow him down at all for his short time on the west coast. Northern Embassy followed him around for the day as he hit some trails, parks, and ate some pizza. Appearances include Jeff Evans, Jeremy Deme, and oh yah, Jay Miron.

5 Clips With Chris Silva – Northern Embassy

Chris Silva was at Joyride 150 Bike Park over the weekend and fired out this quick 5 clip edit for Northern Embassy. Check it out!

Greg Flag Barcelona Remix

Here is the final remix edit from the Northern Embassy of their Embajada En Barcelona DVD, this time for none other than Greg Flag. If you haven’t seen the DVD you can catch the best of Greg’s riding in this video. Read what they had to say below, and you can also watch Greg giving a our of their Spanish apartment after the jump:

Greg Flag shutting it down with the last of our Embajada En Barcelona Remix edits. Greg got more footage than anyone else on the trip and proved yet again that he can shred any obstacle you put in front of him, with a smile on his face the whole time. Get a copy of the DVD while there’s still a few left and try to find Greg’s banana or lettuce challenge….
– Northern Embassy

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One Line: Five Tricks From Dillon @ Joyride 150

Back in September Dillon found himself at Joyride 150. When asked if he wanted to film a quick 5 clip edit he said he’d film the 5 tricks in one line. He lays down a quick one in this short edit for Northern Embassy. Also check out a photo of Joyride’s new street oriented room with our logo shinin’ on the wall after the jump.

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Taylor Elvy Barcelona Remix

To continue with Northern Embassy‘s remix of riders’ footage from their Embajada En Barcelona DVD is Taylor Elvy. Taylor filmed some amazing stuff while in Spain last December, that most people haven’t seen unless they got their hands on a DVD. Fortunately Jeremy Deme put together this remix edit of all of his footage. Check it out!

Chris Silva 5 Clip Edit – Northern Embassy

Silva put together this quick 5 clip edit together for the Northern Embassy. Check it out. Filmed by Peter Dai, edited by Peter Almeida.

Greg Flag Photo by Trent Barker

Greg has this photo of a bizarre fence stall to 270 in a summer photo gallery shot by Trent Barker up on Northern Embassy right now. Go check it out now.