Lil’ Jeff Everywhere


Everywhere you turn lately, you might see Jeff popping up on the world wide web. This icepick photo by Dolecki is from a gallery of photos from the filming of QSS 5 on the Animal site. Below you can find a ton of Jeff footage in the new Skapegoat 9 video from a cross America trip he took with $cerbo and Garret Hoogerhyde. As Tunney once articulated, Jeff can make just pedalling down the street look good.

Jeff Kocsis in Animal QSS 3

Here is Jeff’s full section from Animal’s QSS 3 video Foreign and Domestic, that was released in the fall. Jeff killed it all over for this part. QSS 4 just came out, and him and Silva both have a bunch of clips in it from a trip they took from New Jersey to Ohio, so make sure you go buy that too. In other Jeff news, he just got the bump to the Almond pro team, so congratulations are in order. He’s dealing with some ankle difficulties right now, but don’t expect that to slow him down much and look for a lot of great things with Jeff in 2013.