Silva: MacNeil Sunglasses with RideBMX Subscription


More Silva action this week with this photo in the newest issue of RideBMX. If you turn to the subscription page you can see this full page photo of Chris with a gap to manual on an apple (from here on out referred to as a ‘gapple’) shot by Trent Barker.

For a limited time when you get a subscription to RideBMX Magazine you will also get a pair of our limited edition MacNeil/RideBMX sunglasses! Hit up their site for all the subscription info and get the magazine sent to your door 9 times a year, and keep the sun out of your eyes too.

Diller Ad in RideBMX #195


Check out the ad we have running in the November issue of RideBMX Magazine of Dillon for his upcoming signature Diller frame. You can expect the frame to drop and be available in early spring, and it’s built to the specs of Dillon and what he wants like a 13.6″ back end with wide clearance to fit fat tires, removable brake mounts and more. We’ll be dropping more info on it soon, but for now you can go check out the sneak peek bike check we did with him here and pick up issue #195 of RideBMX everywhere now.

Jeff and Kevin at Dew Tour Street Practice

Practice has already been popping off from the first day of Dew Tour practice and a couple videos are starting to circulate. Check out these two quick edits from RideBMX and The Come Up. How sick is Jeff’s vertical pole jam above at 2:08? Don’t forget that the contest will be live streamed online this weekend. More info here.

More MacNeil Coverage from Interbike On RideBMX

While we were in Vegas for Interbike, Fudger pointed a camera at us for RideBMX and we ran through the custom Diller build we were rolling around. Get some more details on it and want you can expect to see from us in 2014. Quick note about the backend length on the Diller frame, it will be 13.6″ long and not the 13.2″ that Carl mentioned.

Sam Lowe Bike Check On RideBMX


Same Lowe has a bike check over on RideBMX right now with his Borato V3. The photos were shot earlier in the spring on our Mexico trip, but Sam knows what he likes to ride and you won’t see too much change on his bike over time. Make sure you read the answers to his questions and you’ll get the scoop on a product are working on with him, and an embarrassing Darcy story too. You can find the bike check here.

RideBMX One Hot Product – Network Hubs

Darcy gives you the lowdown on our Network hubs in this new One Hot Product feature from RideBMX. If the video isn’t enough info for you, go check out our flipbook again for more photos and details, then run, don’t walk, to your favourite MacNeil dealer to get these laced up to your ride ASAP.

Greg Flag / Capital Seat and Stump Post Ad in RideBMX #193


The September issue of RideBMX is on stands today, and that means another fine MacNeil ad. Check out Greg Flag getting down on a rail in Mexico with a double peg to hard 180 promoting our Capital Pivotal seat and Stump post. Hit up your local MacNeil dealer or favourite mailorder to check out any of our seats and posts.

RideBMX One Hot Product – Connect Cranks

Ride has another One Hot Product video out, this time for our new Connect cranks. Darcy Saccucci explains some of the finder details about their design in this video. While we are one the topic of Connect cranks, take a look through the flipbook for them if you haven’t yet, and re-watch the promo video we made with Taylor Elvy below.

MacNeil in Mexico Article – Ride BMX #191


Not only do we have a Sam Lowe ad in the new issue of Ride BMX, but we also have an article based on our MacNeil in Mexico trip we took in April. Ryan Fudger was down with us in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where we hit up the CAÑO Jam and partied with vacationers on our resort. Check out some photos from the magazine spread after the jump and go get a copy of issue 191 of Ride on newsstands everyone now and read it in all its glory.

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Sam Lowe / Network Hubs Ad in RideBMX #191


Sam Lowe is featured in our newest ad in the July issue RideBMX to promote our new Network hubs. The magazine is on newsstands now, and also features an article on our MacNeil in Mexico trip, so go out and get a copy now.

The Network hubs are also out and availble, and if you need a refresher on them, check out the flip book we made here. They feature a female axle with 17mm bolts broached for a 6mm allen key (or a traditional straight axle system for the rear), 36 hole shell, high-quality Japenese body bearings with aluminum hardware, and for the rear hubs a one piece 9T driver with 3 Japenese bearings, and the popular Switch Drive System (SDS) for easy switching between LHD and RHD with a 3-pawl engagement system. Go out and get that at your favourite MacNeil dealer or mailorder today.

Ride BMX – Greg Flag Bike Check


Bike Check: Greg Flag

While Greg was down in Mexico earlier this spring, Ryan Fudger shot a bike check with him detailing his Borato V3 build, with C.K.S. forks, Tabarnak bars, Top Shelf stem, Network wheels, and a lot more. If you thought a bike check could never warm the heart and up lift the soul, then you never read one with Greg. He answers some questions about his particular bike, compares it to a well worn pair of jeans, and shares a heroic story of how he once saved two women from drowning to death. Stop what you’re doing and take a few minutes to read his bike check here.

Ride BMX Exclusive Jeff Kocsis Edit + Giveaway!


Head over to RIDEBMX.COM to watch our newest edit of Jeff Kocsis that they have the exclusive on. While you’re there, answer our one simple questions to win 1 of 2 the prize backs below. Don’t waste any time and check it out on their site right here.

“What vegetable would Jeff never get on a pizza? Dig around the MacNeil site to find the answer and leave a comment below with the answer. Two winners will be chosen at random to win a prize pack filled with some MacNeil goodness. USA and Canada only, sorry foreign friends!”


Ride BMX – Products You Can’t Miss: Fashionably Light Pegs


We missed this the other week when Ride BMX compiled a list of 14 products you can’t miss and included our popular Fashionably Light pegs. These bad boys are forged heat treated chromoly and offset at the centre, making the material thinner at the top than the bottom. The result is a very light weight steel peg that weighs about the same as an aluminum, but slides way better. Just follow the directions to run one side up and you’re golden. 4″ long and 35mm diameter in 3/8″ or 14mm in a bunch of colours. Hit up your MacNeil dealer to pick them up individually.

Jeff Kocsis Bike Check on RideBMX


Jeff has a bike check up on the RideBMX site right now. He’s been traveling all over the US lately, so check out his road tested Borato frame loaded with a mix of MacNeil and Animal parts right here.